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6bar Capacity Natural Gas Fired Boiler

Natural gas fired boiler

The main components of natural gas are alkanes, which are colorless and odorless. Carbon dioxide and water occur during incineration. Basically no coal incineration of ash, sulfur and other harmful substances. The amount of dust in the flue gas is very small, and the flue gas discharged is easy to reach the standard required for […]

5 ton/hr Diesel Fired Boiler Oil Consumption

Diesel fired steam boilers

The 5 ton/hr diesel boiler is composed of upper and lower drums, membrane water-cooled walls, convection tube bundles, economizers, and condensers. After the fuel is burned in the furnace, the flue gas is discharged into the chimney through the convection tube bundle and the flue gas waste heat recovery device. The furnace chamber adopts membrane […]

Manufacturing Processs of Industrial Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Gas boiler manufacturing processs

The gas-fired steam boiler adopts an advanced full-wet-back, flue gas three-pass horizontal fire tube structure. The fuel is combusted in the furnace with slight positive pressure. The high-temperature flue gas enters the first flue tube bundle through the re-combustion chamber backward along the furnace, and enters the second tube bundle through the compressed front smoke […]

1000kg/hr Horizontal Fire Tube Boiler

Horizontal fire tube boiler

Horizontal internal combustion three return fire tube boiler is a small and medium fuel gas boiler which is improved by our factory with advanced experience and technology at home and abroad. It has been widely used in industry, family, hotel, hospital and other departments and places. And has been sold in southeast Asia and other […]

SZS Type Gas Fired Boiler Structure and Performance Characteristics

Gas-fired boiler structure

SZS series gas boiler adopts wet-back three-pass, full-corrugated furnace, threaded smoke tube structure, and full-submerged arc automatic welding. The boiler combustion chamber has a reasonable design and is fully adapted to various fuels such as coal gas, natural gas, biogas, light diesel, and heavy oil. The gas-fired boiler structure adopts a quick assembly structure, which […]

12Ton SZS Gas Boiler Used in The Tobacco Industry

12Ton SZS gas boiler

Case name: 12Ton SZS Gas-Fired Steam Boiler Used in The Tobacco Industry Project type: supporting Project supporting boiler: SZS12-1.25-Q Project boiler medium: steam Project quota output: 12 tons     Case Introduction The tobacco company usually needs a large amount of steam during the production process of tobacco redrying to meet the technical requirements of […]

1 Ton WNS Gas Fired Boiler For Feed Factory

WNS gas fired boiler

Case name: 1 Ton WNS condensing gas boiler project for feed factory Project company profile: compound feed processing Project type: Complete project (providing equipment and supporting equipment, installation and commissioning) Project supporting boiler: WNS1-0.7-Q Project boiler medium: steam Project quota output: 1 ton     Case Introduction With the rapid development of livestock and poultry, […]

17.5MW SHX Series CFB Hot Water Boiler Project

CFB hot water boiler

Case name: 17.5MW SHX series circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler project Project type: Complete project (providing equipment and supporting equipment, installation and commissioning) Project supporting boiler: SHX series CFB hot water boiler Project boiler medium: hot water Project quota output: 17.5MW     Case Introduction Centralized heating is one of the infrastructures of modern […]

ZOZEN’S Gas Steam Boiler is Used in The Milk Products Plant

ZOZEN'S gas steam boiler

With the improvement of modern living standards, people have higher and higher quality requirements for fresh milk and dairy products, and the demand is also increasing. It can be said that fresh milk and dairy products have become one of the indispensable foods for ordinary people. The ZOZEN’S gas steam boiler is an indispensable power […]

20 Tons SZS Condensing Gas Boiler Used in Paper Mill

20 Tons SZS gas boiler

Case name: 20 Tons SZS condensing gas boiler project in paper mill Project company profile: Mainly engaged in paperboard manufacturing Project type: supporting Project supporting boiler: SZS20-1.25-Q Project boiler medium: steam Project quota output: 20 tons/hour     Case Introduction The paper mill has been engaged in board paper manufacturing for 28 years and has […]