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SZL series quick-loading water tube steam boiler is double drum longitudinal arrangement, natural circulation boiler. Wood fired steam boiler is equipped with horizontal cyclone burning chamber, which has remarkable effect on improving thermal efficiency and reducing smoke emission concentration. The flue gas emission concentration of this series of biomass fired boilers is less than 100 mg/standard meter 3, and the blackness of flue gas is lower than Lingermann 1, which meets the requirements of class A environmental protection area. The boiler is equipped with light tube water wall on the left and right sides of the furnace, and the back part is arranged by the dense convection tube bundle connecting the upper and lower drum, so as to improve the flue gas flow rate and strengthen the heat exchange effect.


Wood fired steam boiler

Wood fired steam boiler


Water tube steam boiler economizer arrangement separately cast iron, grate adopt warehouse ventilation structure, flexible adjustment, according to user’s need optional stratified coal feeder, the series product advantage is full of output, high thermal efficiency, boiler has 110% overload capacity, the boiler structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, safe and reliable running, popular with users is the ministry of investment, quick effect, Fuel is adaptable. This series boiler products adopts large optimized furnace arch, light chain grate for combustion equipment and stepless speed regulation. This kind of structure arrangement is compact, saves material, covers an area of small, saves fuel, water capacity is large, circulation is reliable, safety performance is high, ensure the thermal efficiency output is sufficient.

Wood fired steam boiler can rapidly form a high temperature zone and stably maintain biomass gasification combustion and suspension combustion state. The flue gas of biomass steam boiler stays in high temperature furnace for a long time, after many times of wind distribution, full combustion, high fuel efficiency, and no black smoke. Soot, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other environmental indicators are better than the prescribed emission standards, in line with the current international emission reduction policy, the environmental protection department approved this type of boiler in the city and other environmental protection areas. Boiler combustion continuous, stable working condition, not affected by adding fuel or fire, can ensure output.

SZL series boiler mechanical grate adopts uniform air distribution, stable combustion and convenient cleaning. Boiler operation is simple, convenient, without complex operation procedures. Fast start, full combustion, three minutes after the start of the steel furnace, no smoke and dust at the outlet of the chimney. The type steam boiler equipped with relatively complete thermal instrumentation, electronic control console, drum, induced draft fan open, grate speed can achieve automatic operation, boiler water temperature has overtemperature protection device, when the water temperature rise in excess of the prescribed or automatically when the circulating water pump suddenly stopped cutting drum, induced draft fan and stop grate, boiler is equipped with the overpressure alarm and water level automatic control device.


Water tube steam boiler

Water tube steam boiler


Wood fired steam boiler is compact in structure, boiler room only needs single layer arrangement, capital construction investment is less. Boiler air supply adopts storehouse type double side air supply device, each air chamber can be adjusted independently, section, small air leakage, strong adjustable, can better adapt to the requirements of the combustion characteristics of the chain grate. The upper furnace wall of the boiler is assembled by the factory, the lower furnace wall and the front and rear arch are composed of refractory clay brick silicate fiber and insulation materials. Fuel from the hopper through the coal gate into the furnace combustion, burning cinder in the grate under the operation of the slag hopper discharged by the screw slag machine.

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