Industrial Steam Boiler Supplier in Bangladesh

ZOZEN boiler factory can produce steam boilers with capacities from 1 ton to 110 tons, including gas boilers, coal boilers, palm shell boilers, rice husk boilers, wood-fired boilers, which are usually used as heating equipment in industrial production and processing, for example, oil gas boilers are a boiler type more used in the food industry and chemical industry, coal boilers, biomass boilers or coal and biomass mixed combustion boilers are more used in the textile industry and paper industry.

8000kg coal wood chips fired boiler

8000kg coal wood chips fired boiler

When designing the environmentally friendly SZL series coal biomass fired steam boilers, the ZOZEN boiler technical team not only optimizes the arch, furnace chamber and furnace heating surface, but also adjusts the ratio of primary and secondary air supply, and optimizes the secondary air arrangement to make the fuel burn more fully. The boiler exhaust gas treatment system adopts the method of multi-tube dust removal plus water film desulfurization and dust removal, the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 98% and desulfurization efficiency can reach more than 85%, which makes the dust emission concentration as low as 250mg/Nm3, fully meeting the strict environmental protection requirements of each region.

As long as there is a demand for steam production lines need industrial steam boilers, WNS series gas steam boilers with large capacity furnace design, with sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, to enable the boiler to produce high thermal power and high quality steam. ZOZEN factory adopts advanced CNC processing technology and strict quality management system, the boiler manufacturing and inspection of double check, from the source to ensure the safe and stable boiler operation.

15 ton oil gas fired boiler

15 ton oil gas fired boiler

As a professional industrial steam boiler supplier in Bangladesh, ZOZEN has a professional team and advanced digital production line, starting from receiving the boiler requirements from customers, progressing to customizing boiler system solutions for customers, and then each process of product delivery, installation, and operation is attended by ZOZEN’s service personnel, assisting customers to efficiently solve problems that arise, and ensuring that each boiler is put into operation on time and normally in the project. We will ensure that each boiler is put into operation on time and properly. If you have any boiler needs, please feel free to contact us via email, WhatsApp, or online chat.

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