3 Ton Oil Fired Steam Boiler Manufacturing

The structure of oil-fired steam boiler adopts the international popular wet back three-return horizontal layout. The oil fired boiler manufacturing has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, safe operation and small air pollution. The boiler is equipped with fire protection, water level protection and other automatic protection system, the use of imported burners, convenient operation and maintenance, truly reliable operation, energy saving and high efficiency, widely used in clothing, washing and ironing, food machinery, bio-pharmaceutical and hotel production and living needs.


Oil fired boiler manufacturing

Oil fired boiler manufacturing


3Ton steam boiler structure design is reasonable, improve the boiler operating environment, improve the boiler efficiency and service life. All the flue gas channels of oil-fired boiler are placed in water, the tail is equipped with waste heat tank and perfect insulation outsourcing design, and the smoke box is sealed with labyrinth structure to avoid the smoke leakage phenomenon of the smoke box. The boiler thermal efficiency is up to more than 95%, the combination of corrugated furnace and conical furnace with good expansion performance is adopted. The size of the furnace is consistent with the flame, and the circulation area of the flue gas is reduced to make the flue gas flow in constant velocity, ensure the heat exchange time of the high temperature flue gas in the furnace, and achieve better heat transfer effect. Adopt the high performance combustion machine which is fully matched with the boiler to make the full combustion, save fuel and reduce pollution.

Oil fired boiler manufacturing using super fine glass wool with high insulation performance, less heat loss. Adopt movable furnace head structure, can match all kinds of burners, replace furnace head, convenient and quick maintenance furnace body. The front and rear smoke boxes adopt movable and deportable structure, which can conveniently check, maintain and maintain the inside of the boiler. It is simple and convenient. The product design is novel, the structure is reasonable, and the process performance is good.

This series of boiler products have large shell diameter, large water capacity, strong adaptability to load change, stable output, large steam space volume, high net distance between steam water interface and steam outlet, and small steam humidity. Boiler rear plate is provided with explosion-proof device connected with the furnace, to prevent the fuel in the furnace occurs severe dedetonation, discharge instantaneous high energy, can automatically reset, at the same time has the function of watching the fire view mirror and maintenance channel, using the operation of the combustion flame adjustment, furnace inspection, convenient maintenance.


3Ton steam boiler structure

3Ton steam boiler structure


Oil fired boiler manufacturing pressure, water level set multiple control protection, as well as ultra-smoke temperature protection, to ensure the safety of boiler operation. This series of steam boiler smoke box adopts double open smoke box door, easy to open, multistage labyrinth seal, special sealing material, good compression performance, completely prevent the leakage of flue gas, can be reused. Boiler heating area according to more than 25 square meters/per ton design configuration, full absorption of effective heat, low exhaust temperature, small heat loss, to ensure sufficient output, high efficiency. Zozen Boilers combustor status layout, the water level is determined in accordance with the regulations, and at the same time in strict accordance with the international standard standard water level fluctuation time requirements, with sufficient safe precipitation space, to ensure the safety of the boiler operation.

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