5 Ton Boiler Price in Pakistan

This time, ZOZEN’s coal-fired boilers and auxiliary equipment for Pakistan feed mills arrived at the customer’s project installation site successfully. In the process of feed production, feed materials need to be heated to make them ripe for animal digestion and absorption, so boilers are an essential heat source for the feed processing industry. The customer was looking for an industrial steam boiler supplier in China, and ZOZEN won the customer with its excellent performance of steam boilers.

coal biomass fired steam boiler

coal biomass fired steam boiler

In order to reduce the boiler running cost, the customer’s feed mill in Pakistan decided to use a mixture of coal and rice husk, which not only makes effective use of the recycling of biomass resources, but also improves the economic efficiency of the enterprise. In response to the customer’s demand, ZOZEN Boiler made a reasonable design of the feeding hopper, grate width and length according to the characteristics of the combination fuel “lignite + rice husk”, and tailored the SZL series steam boiler system to meet the actual needs of its production line. The thermal efficiency is more than 5% higher than that of conventional boiler systems in the industry, achieving efficient conversion of thermal energy.

At present, the boiler has been installed and put into operation. Throughout the cooperation process, ZOZEN’s engineers have been involved in assisting the customer to solve problems before and during the sales and installation process. The feed mill customer is very satisfied with the operation of this coal-fired rice husk boiler, which ensures the stable operation of the feed production line and the high quality of the feed.

industrial coal rice husk fired boiler

industrial coal rice husk fired boiler

ZOZEN offers a wide range of boiler system solutions according to the different needs of major enterprises in the textile, feed processing and food industries. ZOZEN will continue to optimize manufacturing technology and equipment, and customize industry-specific boiler systems from the customer’s point of view to provide a strong guarantee for the development of enterprises. If you are interested in ZOZEN 5 ton boiler price in Pakistan, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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