Automatic Temperature Control Horizontal Biomass-Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

The combustion process of biomass thermal oil boiler is simple, convenient and easy to operate. The fuel is fed into the furnace by the screw feeder, where it is gradually preheated, dried, ignited and burned due to the action of high temperature flue gas and primary air. During this process, a large amount of volatile matter is precipitated, and the combustion is violent. The high temperature flue gas generated by the horizontal thermal oil boiler washes the main heating surface of the boiler. It enters the economizer and air preheater on the heating surface of the boiler tail, then enters the dust collector, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. The ungasified fuel moves toward the back of the grate until it burns out, and the remaining small amount of ash and slag falls into the slag removal port behind the grate.


Horizontal thermal oil boiler

Horizontal thermal oil boiler


The feeding, combustion, slag removal, water supply and ignition of the biomass thermal oil boiler can be controlled automatically, and the operation is very convenient. YLW series biomass boilers are equipped with automatic ash cleaning device, which can remove the ash deposits on the heating surface of the boiler in time to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the boiler. Economizers are arranged at the tail of the boiler, and air preheaters can also be arranged according to user needs. Compared with the traditional boiler, the boiler efficiency is higher and the exhaust gas temperature is lower.

The horizontal thermal oil boiler has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, and convenient installation and use. Each thermal oil boiler must undergo strict inspection and testing before leaving the factory, including hydrostatic test and X-ray inspection. Compared with traditional boilers, this type of boiler has higher efficiency and lower exhaust gas temperature. Compared with the traditional boiler, the thermal oil boiler has a larger furnace space in the structural design, and at the same time, a very reasonable secondary air is arranged, which is conducive to the full combustion of a large amount of volatile matter that is instantly precipitated when the biomass fuel is burned.

In order to facilitate ash discharge in the biomass thermal oil boiler, a screw slag machine is arranged at the rear of the boiler. Realize continuous cleaning. A dust collector is arranged in the flue at the tail of the boiler to ensure that the emission of smoke and dust meets the requirements of environmental protection. The efficiency of this series of boilers is generally above 80%. The larger the boiler model, the more complete the combustion, and the higher the efficiency of the boiler. It reached 88.3%, which is 15% higher than the average efficiency level of coal-fired boilers.


YLW series biomass boilers

YLW series biomass boilers


The preheating time of the horizontal thermal oil boiler is short, which is 2/3 shorter than that of the electric heating rod. This type of thermal oil boiler adopts isolation heating, and the up-frequency heating cable only heats the simplified heater and is safely isolated from the heat transfer oil. Avoid the leakage of heating rod and cause fire. Reduce the cost of use and maintenance, the heating cable is not damaged, and the frequent replacement of the heating rod can be avoided, and the carbon generated by the high temperature of the strong heating rod is avoided. The boiler circuit adopts digital fast and precise control, adopts German 1G8T module, and the circuit is advanced, stable and reliable. The biomass thermal oil boiler effectively improves the working environment, with less heat dissipation, and the outer surface of the heating cylinder is almost room temperature.

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