17.5MW SHX Series CFB Hot Water Boiler Project

  • Case name: 17.5MW SHX series circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler project
  • Project type: Complete project (providing equipment and supporting equipment, installation and commissioning)
  • Project supporting boiler: SHX series CFB hot water boiler
  • Project boiler medium: hot water
  • Project quota output: 17.5MW


CFB hot water boiler

CFB hot water boiler


Case Introduction

Centralized heating is one of the infrastructures of modern cities, and it is also an important facility of urban public utilities. According to the purchase of regional central heating by the Forestry Bureau, Zozen Boilers provided the Forestry Bureau with an SHX series CFB hot water boiler.

This series of boiler products are widely used in the field of central heating for people’s lives, with wide fuel adaptability and high combustion efficiency, and the discharged ash activity is good, easy to realize comprehensive utilization, and there is no secondary ash pollution. The person in charge of the project said that because most of the coal types in this area are low-calorific value and low-quality coal, the SHX series hot water boilers takes advantage of this and can play a good role in environmental protection, energy saving, and energy consumption.

Costomer Feedback

Zozen Boilers is responsible for the CFB hot water boiler procurement and installation projects of this unit, and has demonstrated very strong professionalism and execution ability throughout the service process. This cooperation is very pleasant!

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