Large Modular Gas Fired Steam Boiler

SZS type steam boiler within the scope of the pipeline only includes from the back water check valve flange to the boiler body of the outlet valve, sewage valve and other flanges within the scope of the valve and pipe. Accessories include valves and gauges for boiler body. Such as pressure gauge, air valve, spring safety valve, outlet, backwater valve, check valve, thermometer, etc. The connecting flue between the components of large gas steam boiler is connected with the components by welding. Expansion section is set in the middle to ensure free expansion of flue.


Large gas steam boiler

Large gas steam boiler


Each part of gas steam boiler adopts light thermal insulation material, the main thermal insulation material is aluminum silicate fiberboard and rock wool. External protection plate of gas fired boiler is color corrugated steel plate. Steel structure and platform escalator boiler is provided with a platform for manhole maintenance of the drum, opening the valves on the drum and other operations. Boiler has high and low water level alarm, low water level interlock protection, steam pressure overpressure alarm, steam pressure overpressure interlock protection function. The series boiler is equipped with reliable ignition program control and flameout protection device to ensure the safe and economical operation of the boiler.

Large gas steam boiler for water pipe structure, vertical “D” layout, natural circulation, micro positive pressure combustion. Gas fired steam boiler adopts integrated and modular design, which is conducive to the production of large capacity boiler module, equipped with environmental protection energy-saving device, high-performance imported burner, automatic intelligent control, to ensure the high starting point of technology and quality, high quality and reliability and safety of performance. Because the combustion chamber adopts full mode water wall structure, and adopts micro positive pressure combustion, there is no smoke problem and no pollution in the operation environment.

Gas fired boiler is arranged with explosion-proof door and flame detector, safe and reliable operation. The boiler tail uses energy saver, reduces the smoke exhaust temperature, high thermal efficiency, design efficiency is more than 92%. SZS series gas boiler furnace type horizontal arrangement, compact structure, small footprint. Manhole door is arranged before and after the upper and lower drum, and inspection door is arranged after the boiler, which is convenient to open and use the user to repair and clean the inside and outside. The boiler is fully automated, with automatic operation and protection functions, easy to operate.


SZS series gas boiler

SZS series gas boiler


Large gas steam boiler adopts the design idea of flue gas step waste heat recovery. The flue gas condenser is arranged in the tail of the boiler body, which reduces the flue gas temperature (<100℃) and improves the boiler efficiency while reducing the harmful components in the flue gas. Boiler flue gas and working medium adopts countercurrent arrangement, with large average temperature and pressure and good heat transfer. Furnace volume selection is reasonable, to ensure full combustion of fuel, insulation material selection of aluminum silicate felt and ultrafine glass silk cotton, the total thickness of about 200mm, two kinds of insulation layer for air sandwich, this insulation makes the heat loss of the boiler to the minimum, thermal efficiency is greatly improved, fuel saving, low operating costs.

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