French Customers Vsit The Zozen Boilers Plant

As is known to all, industrial boilers now occupy an important position in our production and life. It is widely used as a special equipment with certain dangers. Countries all over the world have set strict production and manufacturing standards for it. Zozen boilers is a professional production high quality boilers manufacturer with ASME certificate and ISO international quality system certification. Zozen boilers is a modern enterprise with an annual production capacity of 12,000 steam tons of boilers.


High quality boilers manufacturer

High quality boilers manufacturer


Our Zozen boilers has long been committed to the interests of users, service and society. Zozen Boilers products are sold to all countries and regions in the world, and get the consistent praise and trust from customers. We welcomed a customer from France in April. In the early stage, he sent us an inquiry through our online website. Our business began to communicate with him in detail and customized a professional boiler scheme for him. After the field investigation, the customer conducted a field investigation on the blanking, welding, nondestructive testing and other production sites in the boiler production workshop, and highly recognized the digitalization, modeling and specialization of our factory’s production. Finally, he signed a contract with us and started a friendly cooperative relationship.

We are committed to producing more industrial boilers with safe and reliable operation and reasonable price. The company has the first-class production technology equipment, the detection means is complete, is the high quality boilers manufacturer. Zozen boilers fully implement computer information management and 6S site management. At present, the main products cover industrial boilers, thermal oil boilers, large-scale hot water boilers, power plant boilers, waste heat boilers, steam boilers, pressure vessels and other series.


French customers vsit Zozen boilers

French customers vsit Zozen boilers


At present, all kinds of boilers produced by our factory are widely used in industrial construction, petrochemical industry, food manufacturing, textile, medicine, rubber, chemical fertilizer plant, paper mill, oil refinery, rice mill and other industries. If you need to purchase boilers, welcome to contact us, we are a high quality boilers manufacturer, can provide you with exclusive customized solutions, comprehensive answer to your needs and doubts.

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