Industrial Gas Steam Boiler Efficiency

Under the strong demand of production and life, the number of gas-fired boilers is increasing, so the consumption of fuel is also increasing. The fuel consumed belongs to non-renewable resources, so we should explore ways to reduce fuel consumption, so as to ensure normal production and life. Energy saving is strongly advocated by the current market, so it is more important to improve the industrial gas boiler efficiency. Only by improving the thermal efficiency of industrial gas steam boilers can fuel loss be reduced and fuel is saved, which is in line with the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction advocated by all countries.


Industrial gas boiler efficiency

Industrial gas boiler efficiency


Adequate air coefficient is one of the important conditions to ensure that fuel combustion can fully improve the thermal efficiency of gas steam boiler. Combustible gas and air mixture, combustible gas discharge without sufficient combustion, thus increasing the air quantity is incomplete, the air volume is overmuch, can make the temperature drop, incomplete combustion, smoke volume increases, the heat loss rate increased, easy to produce sulphur trioxide, caused outside the boiler heating surface corrosion as a result, the air volume is a major determinant of combustible gas can complete combustion, must ensure that the appropriate too much Air coefficient. Excess air coefficient and fuel type and combustion conditions (mixed fuel and combustion air conditions) and so on, the general range is: gas fuel ~: liquid fuel ~, so the general gas steam boiler air excess coefficient ~ is more appropriate, the use of boiler unit should be determined according to the appropriate excess air coefficient of the boiler.

For improving the industrial gas boiler efficiency, stable gas flow and high quality gas quality are also crucial for improving the thermal efficiency of boilers. According to the daily operation of gas-fired boilers, to ensure the smooth gas of gas-fired boilers is conducive to the full combustion of gas, so as to reduce fuel consumption. For some enterprises, such as steam boiler. Oilfield, such as gas boiler is their own production, in this case, gas pipelines and equipment should be regularly drained, according to the actual situation of the irregular inspection of the line, in order to reduce the moisture and impurities in the gas, increase the calorific value of gas, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. For external use of steam. Gas supply of gas boiler unit, in order to ensure the smooth operation and quality of gas boiler, more attention should be paid to the daily gas flow and pressure, there are large fluctuations, should be in contact with the upstream gas supply unit, to ensure the quality of gas supply and stable volume.

Water is one of the important working medium of boiler heat transfer, the steam of this series of boiler products is produced by direct evaporation and water supply, when the water quality meets the requirements of “boiler water quality standard”, the heat transfer rate is higher, the boiler water thermal efficiency is higher, so as to improve the boiler thermal efficiency. Boiler feed water quality must be guaranteed, the total hardness of boiler feed water, oxygen content and other indicators see GBL576-2001 “Boiler Water Quality Standard”, the total alkalinity index is not clear, the higher the alkalinity will cause corrosive embrittlement boiler, too low will cause acid corrosion boiler. For boilers, proper alkalinity index is a necessary condition for safe and economical operation. For small steam boiler, when the basicity of raw water is greater than the tendency 1, in addition to the basic method to control the tendency of water basicity is ~, the pH of the water in the pot is controlled between 10~12.


Gas-fired boiler supply

Gas-fired boiler supply


Industrial gas boiler efficiency can reach more than 98%, high degree of automation, the overall boiler layout is reasonable. If the boiler water treatment is not done well, the boiler is easy to scale and the heat transfer resistance increases after scaling. The thermal conductivity of scale is 30-40 times smaller than that of steel. The heat released by combustion cannot be effectively transferred to the pot water. Heat is carried away by the flue gas, resulting in a rise in the temperature of the exhaust gas and a reduction in the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Therefore, in the boiler operation management, strengthen the water treatment work, regular discharge of sewage and descaling, keep the boiler heating surface clean, can effectively improve the boiler thermal efficiency.

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