10 TPH Horizontal Steam Boiler for Canning Industry

  • Appalication Industry: Canning Industry
  • Project supporting boiler: WNS10-1.25-Q
  • Project boiler medium: Steam

10 ton fire tube steam boiler

10 ton fire tube steam boiler

In the canning industry, food is canned in canning containers after venting, sealing and sterilization, and this process requires a large amount of steam for sterilization.

ZOZEN’s 10 ton horizontal steam boiler is designed with a three-return wet-back configuration, which has a large heating area and a thermal efficiency of more than 98%, effectively saving the boiler’s working time and operating costs. At the same time, this fire tube boiler works on gas has an intelligent operating system, and the computer control cabinet in its auxiliary equipment can fully control the boiler, which is highly intelligent and can be operated according to the set program without personnel guarding.

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