SZS Series Gas Steam Boiler Price

SZS series gas steam boiler body for double drum, longitudinal type, chamber combustion D type layout structure, the right side of the furnace, the left side of the convection tube bundle. SZS series gas boiler are fixed on the body chassis through the movable supports in the middle of the lower drum and at both ends, and ensure the overall expansion of the boiler to both ends. The furnace is surrounded by a narrow distance tube membrane water-cooling wall, and the membrane water-cooling wall on the left side of the furnace separates the furnace from the convection tube bundle. The back part of the convection tube bundle area is a slurring structure and the front part is a parallel structure. Furnace combustion produces flue gas from the smoke outlet at the tail of the furnace into the burnout chamber, convection tube bundle area, and then from the front left of the boiler to the spiral finned tube energy saver and condenser, and finally into the flue into the chimney to the atmosphere.


SZS series gas boiler

SZS series gas boiler


SZS type steam boiler furnace water wall and convection flue all adopt membrane wall structure, good sealing, high heat absorption rate, and effectively reduce the use of refractory bricks and maintenance workload. This boiler uses high thermal resistance material as insulation layer. Good insulation performance. Energy-saving condenser is arranged at the rear. Can effectively reduce the exhaust temperature, boiler thermal efficiency is high. Ultra-low nitrogen automatic combustion machine, so that the flue gas harmful pollutants less, no noise operation. And with ignition program control and overpressure, flameout protection functions, safe operation.

The gas-fired boiler is designed with large combustion chamber, which makes the fuel combustion, high combustion efficiency and small pollution. SZS series gas boiler has a surplus heating surface, and enough space for water, to ensure the stability of boiler parameters. The top of the furnace is equipped with explosion-proof door, which can discharge the energy released by the explosion of the chamber. Water supply adopts continuous electric regulation, and has the function of high and low water level alarm and interlock protection. Part of the furnace adopts water jet desuperheater, with sensitive temperature regulation and large temperature range. Considering the overall transportation requirements of the boiler, the design layout of the boiler is more compact. In addition, the boiler adopts quick installation structure, which can effectively shorten the installation cycle.

This series of boilers product adopt horizontal internal combustion three return full wet back design, 100% wavy furnace, with good thermal scalability. The whole design of water and fire, sufficient heating area and reasonable structure arrangement are the guarantee of boiler operation. Boiler combustion chamber space is large, make full use of radiation heat transfer, coupled with reliable imported burner, so that the fuel can be completely burned, greatly reduce the emission of harmful components in the flue gas. After the legal department test, the company gas steam boiler in line with environmental protection requirements, is an ideal environmental protection products.


SZS type steam boiler

SZS type steam boiler


SZS series gas boiler have large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation and stable operation. It is an ideal product with high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution. It plays an important role in the application of thermal energy equipment in the future. The boiler adopts automatic burner, and is equipped with a full set of safety protection devices to ensure the automatic and safe operation of the boiler. Using high thermal resistance material as insulation layer, thermal insulation performance is good. The outer layer of the boiler adopts the pressing guard plate, the appearance is clean and beautiful.

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