SZS Series Double Drum Gas Steam Boiler

SZS series gas boiler are typical tubular longitudinal layout “D” type quick-installation water tube boilers. It is composed of upper and lower pot barrel, membrane water cooling wall, convection tube bundle, energy saver and condenser. The burner is arranged on the front wall. After the fuel is burned in the furnace, the flue gas is discharged into the chimney through the convection tube bundle, energy saving device and condenser. The boiler has compact structure, small floor space and good flame filling.


SZS series gas boiler

SZS series gas boiler


This series of gas fired steam boiler adopts lower support mode, which can expand upward freely. The membrane wall structure is adopted for the water cooling wall and convection flue in the furnace chamber, which has good sealing and effectively reduces the use and maintenance workload of firebrick. The tail of the boiler is equipped with an energy-saving condenser, which can effectively reduce the exhaust temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The water wall and convection flue of the boiler are all of membrane wall structure, good sealing and effectively reduce the use and maintenance work of firebrick.

The furnace of SZS series gas boiler is provided with inspection hole, which provides great convenience for use and maintenance. There are two explosion-proof doors on the top of the furnace and energy-saving devices at the end, which can effectively reduce the exhaust temperature and make the boiler highly efficient. This series of steam boilers have a surplus heating surface and a large enough space for steam to ensure the stability of boiler parameters. Adopt automatic burner, high combustion efficiency and ignition program control, overpressure, extinguishing protection functions. The water supply adopts continuous electric adjustment, and has the function of high and low water level alarm and interlock protection.

Considering the overall transport requirements of the boiler, the design layout of the boiler is more compact. In addition, the gas-fired boiler adopts quick installation structure, which can effectively shorten the installation period. Part of the furnace with water – spray thermostat, sensitive temperature regulation, large temperature range. Adopt automatic burner, combustion efficiency is high, the furnace of this boiler is provided with check hole, provide great convenience for use, maintenance. SZS series steam boiler has many advantages, welcome to consult and purchase.

This series of double drum steam boiler superheater adopts countercurrent arrangement, and adopts surface type temperature reducer to meet the requirements of steam temperature regulation. In order to prevent the superheater tube wall from overtemperature, the surface type temperature reducer is arranged at the inlet of superheater steam to ensure the safety and reliability of superheater operation. Combustion device is arranged in front of boiler, easy to operate, maintain, install and maintain. This series gas fired boiler assembly factory, easy to install, boiler room covers a small area, low investment.


Gas fired steam boiler sales

Gas fired steam boiler sales


SZS series gas boiler adopts high thermal resistance material insulation layer with good sealing performance and heat preservation effect, beautiful appearance, neat and generous. This series of steam boiler system adopts multiple interlocking protection, such as overpressure, high and low water level, ignition failure, malfunction flameout, abnormal gas pressure, abnormal negative pressure, failure of leak detection, fan pressure overload, etc. All kinds Zozen Boilers, the production of various types of Boilers, the technical team strength strong, rich production experience, is widely used in many industrial sites, more than 100 countries all over the world, welcome everyone to come to advisory procurement.

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