Austrian POLYTECHNIK Company Visited Zozen Boilers

POLYTECHNIK is one of the world’s leading suppliers of biomass combustion equipment. The group is headquartered in Weissenbach, Austria, specializing in the perfect design and construction of turnkey projects for biomass cogeneration plants. Due to the needs of the company to expand its business, it is looking for a professional boiler manufacturer with long-term cooperation. The POLYTECHNIK delegation stated that the strong comprehensive strength of ZOZEN’S is an important reason for attracting them to visit. The purpose of this visit is to further understand ZOZEN’S strength and conduct on-site inspections of ZOZEN’S production scale and production capacity.


Professional boiler manufacturer

Professional boiler manufacturer


The person in charge of the company warmly received the POLYTECHNIK delegation and accompanied the visit and exchanges. In order to further strengthen the understanding, the two parties first conducted cooperation negotiations in the conference room. The person in charge of the company gave a detailed introduction to the POLYTECHNIK delegation on the specific products, advanced equipment and development plan of Zozen Boilers. The POLYTECHNIK delegation raised some questions to the chief engineer about the biomass boilers of particular concern, and the chief engineer gave a patient and detailed explanation one by one.

Afterwards, in order to allow the delegation to gain insight into the strength of our ZOZEN’S enterprise, professional technicians from ZOZEN’S took the delegation to visit our production workshops and introduced in detail the latest production and processing equipment and advanced processing procedures developed by ZOZEN’S. High-level numerical control management and automated production have deepened the trust of the POLYTECHNIK delegation in the ZOZEN’S brand.


Visited Zozen Boilers

Visited Zozen Boilers


Through this visit, the two parties initially reached a cooperation intention. The POLYTECHNIK delegation stated that Zozen Boilers advanced production equipment, efficient production process, strict quality inspection and professional technical guidance have all impressed them.

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