New Type Biomass Steam Boilers For Sale

Biomass steam boiler adopts advanced production technology, high degree of automation, trustworthy users. Biomass boilers for sale uses a unique secondary air structure, which can effectively improve the air field in the furnace. The secondary air structure leads the hot particles forward to the arch, which is beneficial to the ignition of the fuel, at the same time, extends the residence time of the fuel in the furnace, and effectively improves the adaptability and utilization rate of the fuel.


Biomass boilers for sale

Biomass boilers for sale


The operating cost of biomass industrial boiler is low, because the fuel biomass pellet used by the boiler itself is a new type of environmental protection fuel, is a renewable resource. This series boiler has the characteristics of high calorific value, low cost and wide source. Biomass steam boiler is safe to use, using high standard, high quality auxiliary machinery, accessories and automatic control equipment. To ensure the boiler safe and stable operation.

Biomass steam boiler has the characteristics of automatic feed, slag discharge, and variable frequency regulation of blower induced draft fan. Biomass boilers for sale fully automatic operation, according to load changes can automatically adjust the amount of fuel, steam output stable. With pressure, water level, smoke exhaust temperature and other protection and alarm measures to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. The boiler adopts horizontal body three-return design, symmetrical low position arrangement of furnace bladder center, full wet back structure, corrugated furnace bladder and threaded smoke pipe matching design, full butt welding structure.

This series of biomass fired boiler adopts double sealing structure in front and rear smoke box, energy saving device is placed on the rear smoke box, compact structure, small floor area, furnace outlet is equipped with explosion-proof door, automatic intelligent control. Biomass industrial steam boiler can adapt to a wide range, can be applied to iron and steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, medicine, food, paper, rubber, plastic and other enterprises; Hotels, hospitals, schools, bath centers and other places.


Biomass fired boilers supplier

Biomass fired boilers supplier


Biomass boilers for sale with steam pressure automatic regulation system. The control system of the boiler steam pressure automatic regulation system enters the working state. When the necessary conditions for combustion are satisfied and the steam pressure in the boiler is higher than or equal to the set upper limit of pressure, the control system outputs the stop signal. Until it stops burning. Feed water control. When the system is on duty and working normally, start the feed water pump, the water pump is working, the water level differential pressure transmitter detects the water level signal, and the boiler water level adjustment instrument is maintained to display the boiler water level. Zozen Boilers products specializing in the production of high quality boiler, exports more than 100 countries and regions, with a number of user friendly relations, welcome everyone to come to advisory procurement.

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