ZOZEN’S Gas Steam Boiler is Used in The Milk Products Plant

With the improvement of modern living standards, people have higher and higher quality requirements for fresh milk and dairy products, and the demand is also increasing. It can be said that fresh milk and dairy products have become one of the indispensable foods for ordinary people. The ZOZEN’S gas steam boiler is an indispensable power equipment in the production process of the dairy industry. The steam produced by the boiler is widely used in the distillation, disinfection, drying, and shaping of the dairy product processing process. As a professional manufacturer of boilers for 30 years, ZOZEN’S Enterprise insists on providing continuous power guarantee for tens of thousands of enterprises. It is also well-known in the dairy industry.

This time we have a harmonious cooperation with a milk products plant. The factory has now developed into a large modern dairy enterprise that focuses on dairy products, supplemented by beverages, and integrates dairy cow breeding, dairy research and development, production, processing and sales. In order to further expand the scale of production, the dairy product factory strives to seek new boiler equipment suppliers. After careful investigation and comparison, Zozen Boilers has won the trust of the other party with its strong corporate strength and high-quality brand service, and the cooperation between the two parties has kicked off.


ZOZEN'S gas steam boiler

ZOZEN’S gas steam boiler


ZOZEN’S Enterprise specially sent engineers to visit the site for on-site inspections. According to the actual needs of the plant and the environmental protection policies that have been introduced in the near future. Two WNS series condensing gas steam boilers (WNS4-1.25-Q) were recommended for it. ZOZEN’S gas steam boiler adopts a large-diameter corrugated furnace, a fully wet-backed structure, and a threaded smoke tube + smooth tube structure. An economizer and condenser (or air preheater) are installed at the rear. The system achieves high efficiency, low back pressure, ultra-low NOx emissions, and thermal efficiency as high as 98%. Sufficient steam storage space and heating surface allow the boiler to efficiently produce sufficient high-quality steam. Fully meet the production needs of dairy factories.

Moreover, ZOZEN’S Enterprise is not only responsible for the production of boilers, but also the entire boiler system. From pre-sales consultation to after-sales service, we ensure that every link provides timely and effective help to users. The service personnel of ZOZEN’S Enterprise visited the site to help the plant staff to complete a series of work such as installation and commissioning. After the project is put into operation, the service personnel of ZOZEN’S Enterprise will guide and solve the problems encountered by users during operation to ensure that the normal production of users is not affected. The high-quality and efficient customer service has won praise and recognition from the dairy factory and reached a long-term cooperation agreement.

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