Horizontal Gas Steam Boiler Structure Introduction

Energy and the environment have long been the focus of attention. Horizontal gas steam boiler use high thermal efficiency, effectively save the increasingly tense and expensive energy. This series of steam boilers adopt imported combustion machine, complete combustion, coupled with the shape characteristics of our carefully designed corrugated furnace and the shape of the flame to match, you can get a fully developed flame. The gas fired boiler adopts micro-positive pressure combustion, which makes the combustion more intense and full.

Horizontal gas steam boiler

Horizontal gas steam boiler

This series of gas fired steam boiler combustion full degree is good, give full play to the furnace high temperature radiation heat transfer and flame high temperature quadrature proportional strong heat transfer effect, general radiation heat absorption accounts for a certain share, the smaller the furnace this share is larger. Effective radiation heat transfer is the main component of effective energy saving. The combustion is perfect, SOx and CO2 emission in the smoke extraction ingredients are in full compliance with the standards, so this clean fuel environmental protection boiler is also very suitable for use in urban areas and living quarters.

Industrial horizontal gas steam boiler is the first mechanical product controlled by special equipment in the market. Safety and reliability are the primary indexes of boiler products. The horizontal gas steam boiler has the modern characteristics of quick installation, light and automation. Gas boiler operation automation, program control ignition combustion, automatic replenishment water, water level three protection, steam three-level overpressure protection, flameout protection, gas leak detection protection, the whole process is automatically controlled by the computer. Easy to operate, low noise, favored by users.

gas fired steam boiler introduction

gas fired steam boiler introduction

This series of boilers have large water capacity and are highly adaptable to load changes compared with traditional boilers. The full wet-back structure is favorable for sealing, which is more suitable for micro positive pressure combustion, improving combustion intensity, exerting effective high temperature radiation heat transfer, and improving boiler thermal efficiency. It also solves the problem that the tail of the dry back furnace burns out at high temperature which is difficult to overcome, so as to extend the normal operation cycle of the boiler and make the steam boiler more durable.

Horizontal gas steam boiler after installation of pipelines, valves, instruments and accessories, check and clean up the inside of the boiler, close the manhole, and then conduct hydrostatic test before use. Zozen Boiler is committed to producing high quality boiler products, over the years has been for many customers to provide a set of solutions of the boiler. Our boiler projects spread over more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and many users have reached a friendly relationship of cooperation, welcome to consult the procurement.

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