WNS Types of Industrial Steam Boilers

WNS series steam boilers can produce high-temperature steam, which can be used in various production processes. Such as food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building materials, textiles and other industries. Nowadays, many industries are also inseparable from steam boilers in terms of production. In industrial production, what are the uses of steam boilers and what types of steam boilers are there? Zozen Boilers manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction. If you have WNS type industrial boiler selection, program consultation, price consultation, you can call our company for communication at any time.


WNS type industrial boiler

WNS type industrial boiler


This type of steam boiler adopts frequency conversion water supply and control technology, and the condensation rate of water vapor in the flue gas. The condenser adopts “low-corrosion resistant” steel material, which greatly increases the service life. The programmable logic controller (plc) is combined with the touch screen and buttons are added to realize a manual and automatic dual-channel intelligent control system. The online help, multi-level pop-up menu and troubleshooting guide are provided to facilitate user operation and maintenance. Using multiple safety chain protection, the boiler runs safely.

WNS type industrial boiler can tailor-made steam system solutions for each user to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. For example, a 10ton WNS series gas-fired steam boiler can save 700,000 yuan a year for a food factory. The fuel adaptability is very wide, and it can be suitable for natural gas, biogas, blast furnace gas, diesel, light oil and other fuels. The thermal efficiency of this series of boiler products can be more than 98%, and the NOx emission is as low as 30mg/Nm3. At the same time, oil and gas boilers have the characteristics of fully automatic and safe operation. It can reduce operating costs to a certain extent and is very suitable for food factories.

The digital control technology applied to industrial steam boilers can remotely control the combustion process. WNS series boilers have a high degree of automation, complete various protections, and realize automatic control of water level and pressure. A condensing heat exchanger made of special materials can be added to the smoke outlet to reduce the exhaust gas temperature and collect the sensible heat and latent heat in the flue gas, and improve the efficiency of the boiler (above 95). The flue is equipped with a bypass flue, which can be adjusted according to the size of the boiler load, whether to put the condenser into use.

This series of boiler flue pipes are arranged symmetrically and evenly distributed, which can improve the stress distribution of the tube sheet. The wet back structure combustion chamber is completely immersed in water, the cooling condition is good, the rear tube plate is not washed by high temperature flue gas, and the service life is long. The product is equipped with a fifth water level protection function, which can realize the automatic control of boiler water level, and the safe operation of all-round protection equipment such as high and low water level and overpressure alarms. Use the Internet of Things to remotely monitor the operation of equipment, with boiler operating data query and automatic fault identification functions.


WNS series boilers

WNS series boilers


WNS type industrial boiler smokebox adopts double sealing small smokechamber structure to eliminate smoke leakage and facilitate user maintenance. The boiler insulation layer adopts aluminum silicate fiber blanket, which has good insulation effect. Because we have done a lot of work in combustion and heat transfer, we have adopted some new structures and technologies. The volume of this product is greatly reduced, reduce the machine room footprint, reduce the weight. At the same time, a large corrugated furnace structure is adopted to greatly improve the radiation heat transfer area. Reduce NOX emissions below 30mg.

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