3.6 Million Kcal YLW Series Chain Grate Thermal Oil Heater

  • Case name: 3.6 Million Kcal YLW Series Chain Grate Thermal Oil Heater
  • Project Company Profile: Influential Brand of Biotechnology Industry
  • Project type: Complete project (providing equipment and supporting)
  • Project supporting boiler: YLW-4200MA
  • Project boiler medium: HMO (Heat Medium Oil)


3.6 Million Kcal YLW Series Chain Grate Thermal Oil Heater

3.6 Million Kcal YLW Thermal Oil Heater


With features of low pressure and high temperature, ZOZEN various series of thermal oil heaters have become heat source of many chemical enterprises. ZOZEN YLW series coal-fired (biomass-fired) thermal oil heater is a square coil horizontal chain grate shop-assembled heater, of which the chain grate and heater proper are transported separately. Once connected the oil and electricity, the heater can be put in use. This series of heater adopts an advanced structure, including four parts: the radiation furnace heating area, convection tube bundle heating area, waste heat boiler and air heater, which has sufficient heating area and ensures high thermal efficiency of the heater. Meanwhile, ZOZEN reasonably designs the combustion chamber according to different characteristics of different types of coal and biomass fuel, which not only ensures the complete combustion of the fuel but also improves the combustion efficiency and reduces the formation and emission of flue gas. This series of heater has become a piece of heat source equipment of Inner Mongolia Lanke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Lanke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a chemical enterprise invested by Nanjing Zhengrong Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd. in the Inner Mongolia Yabulai Industrial Cluster. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, intermediates and new material chemicals. At present, the first phase project of its main products-containing compounds has officially entered the product production stage. The YLW series thermal oil heater customized by ZOZEN has been operated well in Lanke Biotechnology. With sufficient output, the heater has become a heat source guarantee for its product production line.


3.6 Million Kcal YLW Series Chain Grate Thermal Oil Heater

YLW Series Chain Grate Thermal Oil Heater


ZOZEN provided a professional boiler selection for our company and completed the high-quality delivery of the entire boiler system within the agreed time. All the tasks proceeded orderly during the process of design, production, transportation, installation and commissioning of the boiler system.

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