10 TPH Solid Fuel Boiler For Sale

Biomass fuel boiler is related to the improvement of solid biomass fuel boiler structure. Solid fuel boilers is to provide a biomass fuel boiler that does not coking in the combustion process, does not nodulate, and can run continuously for a long time. The series of boilers are mainly horizontal layer fired boiler furnace, the furnace includes a combustion chamber, the combustion chamber is provided with a chain grate, front arch, turbulence arch, dust wall and dust collecting board, the chain grate is provided with a little fire air outlet, a tuyere, secondary tuyere and exhaust exhaust tuyere.


Solid biomass fuel boiler

Solid biomass fuel boiler


The structure design of the new furnace of this series of boiler products changes the flow route of high temperature flue gas in the combustion chamber. At the same time, the refraction Angle of furnace arch is changed, the temperature of preheating area is reduced, the combustion condition of coal fuel with high ignition point is destroyed, and the effective utilization rate of biomass fuel is improved. The boiler uses efficient dust removal and smoke elimination, does not produce harmful slag, and prevents secondary pollution. In the flue gas discharged from the tail, the content of all kinds of harmful substances is lower than the current standard of harmful substances discharged from industrial boiler flue gas. Suitable for use of steam, hot water (including hot water atmospheric pressure), and other media as heat medium of horizontal layer fired boiler.

Solid fuel boilers front part of the combustion chamber is provided with a front arch, and the middle part of the combustion chamber is fixed vertically with a spoiler arch. The dust wall is fixed vertically in the middle and back of the boiler. And there is a airflow channel between the top of the spoiler arch and the top of the combustion chamber, and a horizontal dust collecting plate is fixed at the lower middle position of the back chamber wall of the combustion chamber. The bottom of the left chamber wall or the right chamber wall of the biomass fired boiler combustor is located in the front arch, and the position between the spoiling arch is provided with a ignition observation port.

The dust collecting plate is located on the left or right chamber wall or back chamber wall of the combustion chamber of solid biomass fuel boiler. The upper position is provided with a cleaning observation port, and the rear chamber wall of the combustion chamber is provided with an observation access port under the dust collecting plate. The left chamber wall of the combustion chamber or the upper part of the right chamber wall or the upper part of the back chamber wall is provided with a furnace hot flue gas outlet.


Solid fuel boilers

Solid fuel boilers


The combustion chamber of the product is fixed between the left and right chamber walls in the position above the dust collecting plate, and the adjacent two rows of dust pipe grid in the dust pipe grid is arranged in the wrong row. Solid fuel boilers chain grate is provided with an ignition vent below the front arch. A primary vent is arranged in front of the spoiler arch. A secondary tuyere is arranged between the spoiler arch and the dust wall. The position behind the dustfall wall is provided with the exhaust air outlet.

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