ZOZEN’S Solid Fuel Thermal Fluid Heaters Sweep Across Pakistani Apparel Industry

ZOZEN’S solid fuel thermal fluid heaters are suitable for a wide variety of solid fuels, like bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite, palm shell, cotton stalk , straw, etc. ZOZEN’S thermal fluid heaters length & width of fire grate and air supply system are able to be optimally designed catering to different fuels. Making sure that every kind of fuels can be fully burned. Nowadays, ZOZEN’S solid fuel thermal fluid heaters have been exported to more than 100 countries and are used for application in petroleum, food, apparel, chemical, building material and many other industries. Furthermore, ZOZEN’S solid fuel thermal fluid heaters are sold well in Pakistani apparel industry, depending on the characteristics of high efficiency and energy-saving.

KM ASHRAF and SONS (PVT) LTD is the foremost Sports apparel manufacturing company of Pakistan, working with most prestigious and demanding brands such as Under Armour, Adidas, Fruit of the looms, etc.. In recent years, the production has increased every year with their remarkable quality. Thermal fluid heaters play an important role in the process of dyeing, drying and printing. In order to meet the expanding production, KM ASHRAF and SONS needs a high quality thermal fluid heater, which is able to run stably. After comparing with many boilers manufacturers, ZOZEN’S YLW series coal-fired thermal fluid heaters are preferred by KM ASHRAF and SONS. They order one set of this thermal fluid heater without any hesitation. Furthermore, KM ASHRAF and SONS really appreciates the tailor-made recovery system of residual heat made by Zozen Boilers, which can maximize thermal energy practical efficiency.


ZOZEN'S thermal fluid heaters

ZOZEN’S thermal fluid heaters


Noor Fatima Group is one of the major players in manufacturing and export of garments and home textile’s products catering to customers all over the world. Noor Fatima Group decides to order one set of solid fuel thermal fluid heater for technical innovation. As one of the giants of the Pakistani apparel industry, Noor Fatima group is very strict with their partners. Noor Fatima Group has visited Zozen Boilers to know more about ZOZEN’S strength and actual capacity. After knowing ZOZEN’S manufacturing technology, Noor Fatima Group completely trusts the quality of ZOZEN’S products. Therefore, they have purchased YLW series coal-fired thermal fluid heater. After a period of safe operation, this kind of ZOZEN’S thermal fluid heaters are proved that they can totally meet the demand of Noor Fatima Group. Nowadays, Zozen Boilers has successfully reached a long-term cooperation with Noor Fatima Group.

After partnering with KM ASHRAF and SONS and Noor Fatima Group, many other Pakistani apparel companies have drew attention on the ZOZEN’S solid fuel thermal fluid heaters, which featuring low pressure, high temperature, high efficiency and high level of automation. These companies, including KAY&EMMS(PVT)LTD, SOORTY ENTERPRISES(PVT)LTD, AL RAHIM TEXTILE INDUSTRIES, have all created a partnership with ZOZEN, which makes ZOZEN well-known in the whole Pakistani market and promotes ZOZEN’S international development.

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