Gas Steam Boiler Price in Packaging Factory

ZOZEN Boiler is an industrial boiler manufacturer with strong strength, high product quality and good service. Among the many successful cases accumulated, there are a large number of repeat customers who still choose ZOZEN as an industrial boiler supplier for new projects after choosing ZOZEN boiler products for the first time, which is the recognition of ZOZEN brand and the motivation for ZOZEN to continuously improve and innovate breakthroughs.

A customer from the packaging industry purchased a ZOZEN WNS series gas steam boiler in 2019. This 4 ton gas boiler has been running stably for three years, with sufficient steam output and high thermal efficiency, and is an important heating equipment for the packaging production line. With the growth of demand in the packaging industry, boilers as an important supporting equipment for production lines, this year the customer again chose ZOZEN WNS series 8 ton gas boiler.

gas steam boiler in packaging factory

gas steam boiler in packaging factory

At present, this newly packaged ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler has been installed and accepted by the Special Inspection Institute on site, mainly to test whether the boiler can reach the evaporation capacity marked on the model and whether the flue gas emissions meet the design standards. After passing the acceptance, the boiler can be officially delivered for use. At that time, the original 4t/h old packaging gas steam boiler will be used as a backup boiler, which can ensure that the production line is running at full load with the heat required, but also to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.

All along, ZOZEN boiler strictly controls the quality of each boiler. For this furnace model, which is prone to tube plate cracking,ZOZEN technicians have optimized both the design and process. On the design, the technicians clearly require to eliminate the tube end gap on the tube plate; on the manufacturing process, ZOZEN boiler adopts the advanced process of expansion before welding to ensure zero gap between the tube hole and the outer wall of the tube, and at the same time, the expansion force is automatically controlled to ensure uniform expansion, thus completely solving the problem of eliminating tube plate cracking.

ZOZEN industrial gas fire tube steam boiler

ZOZEN industrial gas fire tube steam boiler

In the process of cooperation in each project, ZOZEN always insists on the customer’s usage needs, customizing industry-specific industrial boiler system solutions for customers, so that ZOZEN’s boiler products can guarantee enterprise production efficiency and production safety. Welcome to contact us for more information about our projects.

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