1 Ton WNS Gas Fired Boiler For Feed Factory

  • Case name: 1 Ton WNS condensing gas boiler project for feed factory
  • Project company profile: compound feed processing
  • Project type: Complete project (providing equipment and supporting equipment, installation and commissioning)
  • Project supporting boiler: WNS1-0.7-Q
  • Project boiler medium: steam
  • Project quota output: 1 ton


WNS gas fired boiler

WNS gas fired boiler


Case Introduction

With the rapid development of livestock and poultry, aquaculture and other breeding industries, the demand for pellet feed is also increasing. The base temperature of the material has a huge influence on the moisture absorption of the steam conditioning. If the base temperature of the mixed material is too high, it will affect the steam conditioning to a large extent. In addition, the moisture content of the mixture will change at different times of the year. It has a significant impact on steam conditioning. The WNS series condensing gas boilers of 1~10 tons of Zozen Boilers are widely used in the feed industry due to the advantages of high efficiency and high quality steam. Therefore, the feed factory ordered a 1-ton WNS condensing gas boiler from Zozen Boilers at the beginning of the establishment of the factory to provide high-quality steam to participate in the production work. The WNS gas fired boiler has the advantages of full combustion, no pollution, convenient operation, and convenient installation.

This type of boiler product has high thermal efficiency, large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, and safe and reliable operation. It is an ideal high-efficiency, low-consumption, low-polluting green environmental protection product.

Costomer Feedback

The high-quality steam provided by Zozen Boilers improves the maturation of the material, increases the tempering temperature, and improves the pelleting efficiency for feed production, which is safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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