2 Ton Oil Fired Fire Tube Boilers

Zozen Boilers produce fuel boiler use security intelligence, environmental protection and efficient operation. Oil fired boilers feature is equipped with high quality burners and adopts international advanced combustion technology. The operation is stable and the failure rate is zero.

fire tube steam boiler gas fuel

fire tube steam boiler gas fuel

2 Ton oil-fired boiler adopts boiler shell type three-return firework tube structure, which is safe and reliable to use. The wet back structure can avoid the direct erosion of the smoke box by the high temperature smoke. The front smoke box door is connected with the boiler body through the hinge, and the smoke box door can be easily opened, which is conducive to maintenance. This series boiler has low burning heat load, less NOx emission of harmful substances, and is environmentally friendly, highly efficient and safe to use.

Oil fired boilers feature outstanding, flue gas flow for the form of three return. After the fuel is injected into the inner tank by the burner, the flue gas enters the lower and right smoke pipes through the return combustion chamber, moves forward to the front smoke box, folds into the upper smoke pipe, flows forward and backward into the rear smoke box, energy saving device and condenser, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. When you choose a oil-fired boiler, you need to determine the fuel you need to use, the amount of steam used per hour, steam temperature and pressure, saturated steam or superheated steam and auxiliary configuration, so that the manufacturer can make a boiler quotation.

This series of industrial boilers adopt corrugated furnace tube and the optimized combination of threaded pipe and light pipe is adopted in the convection zone. Long flue gas flow, good heat transfer effect, can reduce the boiler volume. The burner equipped with the boiler has strong power to ensure boiler output and strong fuel applicability. Boiler factory complete supporting, auxiliary accessories complete, quality assurance, welcome to consult.

2tph gas fired steam boiler

2tph gas fired steam boiler

Oil-fired boiler with automatic control and testing system. With touch screen operation and manual button operation functions, with automatic flame proportional adjustment, automatic furnace purge or flame, automatic wind pressure, return oil pressure detection set safety protection functions, but also with continuous water supply automatic control and water level bottom limit, high limit automatic detection functions.

Oil fired boilers feature has remarkable, stable and safe operation, high efficiency and high degree of automation. Zozen Boilers products specializing in the production of high quality boiler, rich production experience, strong technical force, more than 100 countries and regions in the world, get the customer the consistent high praise, worth trust, welcome to come to consult.

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