20 TPH Horizontal Type Biomass Fired Water Tube Steam Boiler for Heating Industry

  • Application Industry: Heating Industry
  • Project supporting boiler: DZL20-1.6-SCIII
  • Project boiler medium: Steam
ZOZEN 20 TPH Horizontal Type Biomass Fired Water Tube Steam Boiler

ZOZEN 20 TPH Horizontal Type Biomass Fired Water Tube Steam Boiler

Case Introduction

Shenjiang Energy Co., Ltd., situated in the Dongtai Coastal Economic Zone, is a company dedicated to thermal production and supply. With the growing energy demand and the pursuit of more environmentally friendly and efficient energy solutions, the company chose the biomass boiler solution from ZOZEN, specifically the 20 ton DZL series horizontal type biomass fired water tube boiler.

The DZL series horizontal biomass fired water tube boiler consists of three drum units. The front part of the boiler body is surrounded by water-cooled walls, connected to the upper drum and lower header, forming the combustion chamber. This design helps absorb the radiant heat in the furnace, improving the boiler’s thermal efficiency. Additionally, to meet the combustion requirements of non-formed biomass fuels, the furnace height of this boiler has been increased by 1-3 meters compared to traditional designs. This adjustment not only allows for the complete combustion of non-uniform biomass fuels but also further enhances thermal efficiency.

After being put into operation, Shenjiang Energy Co., Ltd. successfully achieved energy upgrades and environmental goals. The 20 ton DZL series horizontal type biomass fired water tube boiler provided by ZOZEN not only meets the company’s energy needs but also offers a reliable and efficient thermal energy solution. The use of the boiler helps Shenjiang Energy improve energy utilization efficiency, reduce reliance on traditional fossil fuels, and minimize environmental impact.

Customer Feedback

We appreciate the professional service and support provided by the ZOZEN Boiler. From the initial consultation stage to installation and commissioning, ZOZEN team has always collaborated with professionalism and responsibility. ZOZEN has provided comprehensive technical support and solutions, ensuring the smooth operation of the boiler. This boiler exhibits high heat exchange efficiency and stable combustion performance. By using this boiler, we are able to fully utilize biomass fuel, achieving efficient energy conversion and lower energy consumption. This is crucial for our energy upgrade goals.

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