6 Ton Biomass Steam Boiler Supply

In recent years, with the enhancement of environmental awareness, biomass boilers have been favored by most users. Biomass steam boiler supply is an important renewable energy, with green, low carbon, renewable and other characteristics. Most industrial manufacturers use biomass energy as fuel, not only can effectively reduce the emission of harmful substances, but also fuel costs and operating costs are relatively low.

6 Ton biomass boiler fuel wide applicability, can be applied to biomass particles, sawdust, palm shell, straw and other fuels. Our technical staff will be based on the characteristics of different fuel hopper of boiler grate width, length, grate speed reducer, ratio of primary air and secondary air and secondary air tuyere location and direction of optimized design, not only ensure the boiler thermal efficiency, but also effectively reduce NOX emissions, energy conservation and environmental protection standard.


Biomass fired steam boilers priced

Biomass fired steam boilers priced


Biomass steam boiler supply working medium natural cycle, heat transfer system by the pot, about the box, water cooling wall composition. The main heating surface is composed of the furnace water cooling wall, part of the pot barrel and the convection tube bundle inside the pot barrel. The overall design performance is advanced, the heating surface pipe is made of seamless steel tube, the boiler furnace arch is made of fireproof concrete, the furnace grate is reasonable, the boiler combustor is large, the fuel combustion is even.

This series steam boiler fuel applicability is strong, can adapt to straw, coffee shell, palm shell, bagasse and so on, full combustion. Because the high temperature smoke first enters the settlement chamber, then enters the two wings smoke flue, the front smoke box from both sides, thus the effect of smoke elimination and dust removal is good. Biomass fired steam boiler water cycle is simple, pressure components reasonable, under the condition of ensuring water quality, can be completely safe operation.

6ton steam boiler uses energy saving and environmental protection, adopts the latest gasification combustion technology, and is equipped with advanced combustion chamber, making fuel combustion more full. High efficiency heat transfer element and reasonable flow rate of flue gas make the boiler more efficient. The boiler adopts green and renewable biomass energy as combustion fuel, with zero CO2 emission and low soot emission concentration, and all indexes can meet the prescribed standards.


Biomass steam boiler supply

Biomass steam boiler supply


Biomass steam boiler supply automation degree is high, the use of digital integrated controller, according to the user can set the automatic controller burning conditions. The simple and convenient operation, automatic ignition, automatic feeding, automatic ash cleaning. This series of boiler products are manufactured with high standard and high quality auxiliary machines, accessories and automatic control equipment to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler. Zozen Boilers is rich in boiler production experience, advanced technical support, professional after-sales service team, for the majority of users to provide a safe, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency of the boiler products. Our boiler model is complete, to meet the user’s demand for different products, different prices, welcome to consult.

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