SZS Series Gas Hot Water Boiler For Heating Market

SZS series gas hot water boiler is well-known in the entire domestic heating industry for its high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. The SZS gas-fired hot water boiler is specially designed as a large furnace with sufficient fuel combustion. With an ultra-low nitrogen burner, it can easily achieve NOx≤30mg/Nm3. The SZS hot water boiler adopts a full-membrane wall structure with good airtightness and a thermal efficiency of over 98%. And fully automatic and safe operation, which can save a lot of operating costs.


SZS hot water boiler

SZS hot water boiler


Every winter, especially in the north, there is haze in many areas, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of local residents. At present, there are policies that clearly state that it is necessary to fully implement integrated management of loose coal, promote clean heating in winter in northern areas, complete the replacement of coal with electricity and gas for more than 3 million households, and eliminate all small coal-fired boilers in built-up areas in cities above the prefecture level. The use of clean energy for heating is of urgency. The “change of coal to gas” is the general trend and a hard task that must be completed to solve the problem of air pollution.

As the country’s leading boiler manufacturer, this “coal-to-gas conversion” is not only a market opportunity for Zozen Boilers, but also a corporate responsibility to “protect the environment and defend the blue sky”! Zozen Boilers will continue to strive for perfection, continue to innovate and develop technology, pursue excellent quality, and ensure that every Zozen Boilers is a condensed work of ingenuity, helping to defend the blue sky!

A spoiler is inserted in the flue pipe of the SZS hot water boiler to slow down the exhaust rate and increase the heat exchange. The boiler has high thermal efficiency and reduces the user’s use cost. The boilers product of this series have large furnace volume and sufficient fuel combustion. They are especially suitable for low calorific value fuels, such as coke oven gas and blast furnace gas. High calorific value fuels have better combustion effects, such as natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. The front water wall is installed in the front of the boiler furnace to facilitate the fixation of the combustion head, and to ensure the water cooling and cooling near the burner, which helps to eliminate the carbon deposit of the burner and make the combustion more complete.

The gas-fired hot water boiler adopts a thicker insulation layer to reduce the heat dissipation of the boiler and improve the thermal efficiency. The design of SZS series gas boilers, excellent production technology, and strict quality inspection are the guarantee of the quality of each new boiler. The life of the boiler body in normal use is more than 20 years. The large boiler furnace, coupled with reliable imported burners, enables the fuel to be fully burned, and at the same time greatly reduces the generation of harmful components in the flue gas. Tests have shown that this type of boiler meets strict environmental protection requirements and can meet the current continuous improvement Environmental requirements.


SZS series gas boilers

SZS series gas boilers


The SZS hot water boiler has a large heating area and a large furnace volume. The boiler has sufficient output and has a certain overload capacity. FGR flue gas recirculation technology flows from the exhaust port of the boiler through an external pipe, and part of the flue gas is drawn back to the suction port of the burner and added to the furnace for recirculation. ZOZEN’S provides users with technical consultation, technical services, installation guidance throughout the process, regular and irregular return visits to users, and provides comprehensive services at any time, so that users can buy with confidence and use comfortably.

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