Gas Company Visited ZOZEN’S Enterprise For Field Visit

On June 22, due to the transformation needs of the gas company, the company came to ZOZEN’S Enterprise for a field visit. On behalf of the company, Mr. Zhang Guoping, the general manager of the company, extended a warm welcome to the visit of the gas company, and warmly received the delegation and accompanied the visit comminicate.


Gas company visited ZOZEN'S

Gas company visited ZOZEN’S


In order to further strengthen mutual understanding, the two parties first came to the company’s conference room for cooperation and negotiation. General manager Mr. Zhang Guoping gave a detailed introduction to the gas company’s inspection team on the comprehensive strength and development plan of Zozen Boilers. With more than 30 years of professional boiler manufacturing, ZOZEN’S is currently a leader in the industry in terms of products, technology and services. This has also been recognized and affirmed by the delegation. The delegation said that The production scale of Zozen Boilers is the largest in the boiler industry known to them, and the production efficiency is also high. Zozen Boilers enjoys a good reputation in all industries, which is an important reason for attracting their visit this time.

Later, in order for the delegation to better understand the strong strength of our ZOZEN’S enterprise, the general manager Mr. Zhang Guoping specially sent professional and technical personnel to take customers to visit our various production workshops, and introduced in detail the first-class production and processing equipment and Advanced machining process. The high-level automatic control production line made the inspection team admire, and also took the inspection team to visit our finished product room. The high-efficiency production and high-quality guarantee further deepened the gas company’s trust in ZOZEN’S.


Zozen Boilers

Zozen Boilers


The gas company delegation finally stated that ZOZEN’S good working environment, efficient automated production process, strict quality inspection and professional technical guidance impressed them, and they are also very optimistic about the future development prospects of ZOZEN’S, and hope to cooperate in the future. Achieve a win-win and common development in the project!

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