The Service Life of Natural Gas Boiler

How long is the service life of a natural gas boiler? This is a problem that all users will be concerned about when buying boiler equipment. Although the country does not have mandatory regulations on the service life of boilers, it must pass an annual inspection before it can continue to be used. This time, Zozen Boilers will use facts to tell you how long the service life of gas boilers is. The natural gas boiler use has stable performance, safety and reliability, and has been unanimously recognized by users.


Natural gas boiler use

Natural gas boiler use


This series of gas-fired boilers use clean energy natural gas as fuel, while the boiler uses advanced low-nitrogen burners, the nitrogen oxide reduction rate is more than 50%, and the flue gas is discharged through a 15m chimney. At the same time, with the advancement of ZOZEN’S information management and lean factory projects, computer information management has been fully implemented and a complete industrial Internet platform has been built. Under the unified deployment of the MES production execution system, the design department, process department, production department, quality inspection department, marketing department and other departments coordinated to promote the high-quality, efficient and orderly development of various projects.

The WNS type boiler has outstanding environmental protection and energy saving performance. The design of large furnace space and the selection of advanced burners are conducive to the full combustion of gas, and the nitrogen oxide emission can be as low as 30mg/Nm3. The natural gas boiler use corrugated furnace bladder and threaded smoke pipe to increase the heat transfer efficiency. Cooperating with energy-saving devices such as condensers to further reduce the loss of smoke exhaust, the energy-saving effect is good, and the thermal efficiency can be increased to more than 98%.

The natural gas boiler adopts a large furnace design, has sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, and can produce high-heating power and high-quality steam more efficiently. At the same time, Zozen Boilers also learned that the most suitable temperature for autoclave maintenance is above 175 ℃, so the gas-fired steam boiler selected for it has a rated working pressure of 1.6Mpa and a rated steam temperature of 204 ℃, which satisfies the production requirements well. The natural gas boiler use has increased the two major technologies of condensate recovery and flue gas waste heat recovery to achieve the purpose of energy saving and water saving.


WNS type boiler

WNS type boiler


What is a boiler supplier worthy of cooperation, time will tell you the answer. As a well-known boiler supplier in the industry, Wuxi Zozen Boilers Co., Ltd. provides full-process services from boiler design, production, transportation, installation, operation, maintenance, and delivery to the actual needs of different customers. After-sales service such as maintenance runs through the entire life cycle of the company, effectively enhancing the added value of products, and has also won the recognition of many users around the world.

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