3 Million Kcal Gas-Fired Thermal Oil Heater for Chemical Industry

  • Application Industry: Chemical Industry
  • Project supporting boiler: YQW-3500Q
  • Project boiler medium: HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

ZOZEN 3 Million Kcal Gas-Fired Thermal Oil Heater

Case Introduction

Liaoning Lichi New Materials Co., Ltd., located in Anshan City, Liaoning Province, specializes in the production of fine chemical products such as acetophenone, phenethylamine, and PVC heat stabilizers. During the rapid development of Liaoning Lichi New Materials Co., Ltd., there was a need for a system that could provide stable and efficient thermal energy to optimize and upgrade the production process.

In response to the requirements of Lichi New Materials, ZOZEN Boiler provided the 3 million kcal YQW series gas thermal oil boiler. This boiler is capable of precisely controlling oil temperature and pressure, creating an ideal temperature environment for chemical production, ensuring product quality and production efficiency. The fully automatic intelligent control system simplifies the operation process, reduces human intervention, and improves production safety and stability. With a large capacity, ample space for thermal oil storage, and heating surface, the boiler enhances thermal efficiency.

The horizontal structure allows for complete factory assembly, short installation period, and convenient operation and maintenance, thereby improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Customer Feedback

The automatic intelligent control system of this thermal oil boiler simplifies the operation process, making it convenient and easy to use. It reduces the need for manual intervention and enhances production safety and stability. The installation, operation, and maintenance of the thermal oil boiler are also very convenient, allowing us to quickly put it into use. The streamlined operation and maintenance procedures enable us to operate and maintain the boiler with ease, further improving our energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

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