Comparison Gas Boiler and Biomass Boiler

First of all, we need to know that both gas boiler and biomass boiler belong to energy-saving and environment-friendly boilers. Zozen boiler is a high quality industrial boiler supplier. Today we will introduce fuel consumption comparison and analysis between gas boiler and biomass boiler. I will analyze the fuel consumption comparison of gas boilers and biomass boilers for you to make it easier for you to formulate a boiler procurement plan.

Biomass boiler is the combustion of biomass particles of a boiler product, it can also burn coal. And gas boiler is the combustion of natural gas, biogas, gas and liquefied petroleum gas and other fuels a boiler product.


Industrial boiler supplier

Industrial boiler supplier


Gas boiler can be divided into gas steam boiler, gas hot water boiler, gas heat conduction oil boiler etc. Biomass boiler can be categorized into biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass thermal oil boiler. Second, the difference between gas boilers and biomass boilers

  1. Different fuels: the former uses natural gas, liquefied gas and other gases as fuel; biomass boilers use biomass particles and briquette as fuel;
  2. Different combustion methods: the gas boiler is a chamber furnace, operating under negative pressure; the biomass boiler is a layer furnace, which burns at slightly positive pressure;
  3. Different operating costs: boiler operating costs are affected by boiler energy efficiency and fuel prices;
  4. Comparison of fuel consumption between gas boiler and biomass boiler.

Biomass boiler and gas boiler are the mainstream boiler products, occupy different market positions. Biomass boilers can be regarded as a substitute for coal boilers. This is because with the strengthening of environmental policies, biomass boilers are clean and environmentally friendly boiler products, and their operating costs are reduced, so they have replaced coal-fired boilers. The gas-fired boiler is a new type of environmental protection boiler product and the most used boiler at present, which occupies an important market position.

Biomass boiler as a result of agricultural waste for reprocessing and use of fuel, so conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction. Gas boiler is the mainstream product at present, which can be divided into low-nitrogen gas boiler, condensing gas boiler and ordinary gas boiler according to the nitrogen oxide content standard, that is to say, different types of gas boiler nox emissions are different. The gas-fired boiler has many advantages such as clean environmental protection, high thermal efficiency, intelligent operation, safety and reliability. We are a professional industrial boiler supplier, welcome to consult boiler questions, we will answer for you.


Biomass fired boiler for sale

Biomass fired boiler for sale


Zozen boiler mainly produces various types of boilers, with rich production experience, strong technical force, high degree of production automation and complete detection means. We are a high quality industrial boiler supplier, we can provide customized services according to the drawings provided by customers. Welcome to consult purchasing.


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