Natural Gas Boilers For Sale

A natural gas boilers sales is a thermal energy conversion device that uses natural gas as fuel, burns the heat released in the furnace, heats the water in the boiler, and makes it vaporize into steam. The water in the pot is continuously heated by the energy released by the burning of gaseous fuels in the furnace and produces pressurized steam. Since the boiling point of water increases with pressure, the pot is sealed, and the expansion of steam inside is limited, generating pressure and thermal power. Strictly speaking, the steam of gas fired boiler is formed by the constant pressure heating of water in the boiler barrel until the saturated water is re-vaporized. It is widely used as an energy source.


Natural gas boilers sales

Natural gas boilers sales


The burner of this series gas fired boiler can automatically burn and stop according to the command of the controller. The independent program controller has a number of safety protection, safe and stable performance, low maintenance rate. The boiler has complete functions, complete protection, simple operation, safe and reliable, with self-diagnosis function. Once the abnormal phenomenon occurs in the boiler operation, the combustion will be interrupted automatically and the acousto-optic alarm will be issued.

The natural gas boilers sales is a boiler shell type full wet backflow three-return firework pipe structure, economical to use. Corrugated furnace and threaded pipe structure are adopted to improve the heat absorption intensity of the boiler and meet the needs of heat expansion of the heat exchange surface. This series of gas-fired boilers are designed, manufactured and supervised in strict accordance with the standards to ensure the boiler quality. Low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, stable pressure, sufficient air supply, economic use.

Industrial gas-fired boilers have large biliary space, large storage of steam and strong capacity to adapt to load. The design of a reasonable built-in steam separator device, to meet the users need higher quality steam requirements. The furnace body has manhole, head hole and hand hole, which is convenient to clean the inside of the furnace and make maintenance and maintenance very convenient. Gas-fired boilers are also equipped with one to two support plate type water level meters, which should be frequently compared with each other. If inconsistent instructions are found, they should be corrected immediately. The gauge shall be flushed every shift to determine its true level. At the same time, it is also equipped with a water level electrode rod, which can accurately collect water level signals to send an alarm or control the feed water pump.


Natural gas fired boiler price

Natural gas fired boiler price


Natural gas boilers sales is mainly used for farming and animal husbandry, greenhouse planting, seed factory, livestock slaughterhouse; Fertilizer plants, oil refineries, feed plants, coating plants, plastic plants, glass plants, glass plants, sulfuric acid plants in the chemical industry; Paper factory, textile factory, milk factory, winery, food factory, shoe factory, pottery factory, furniture factory, tire factory, cigarette factory, mat factory, chopsticks factory, printing factory, adhesive tape factory, hardware factory, floor factory, cabinet factory, wooden door factory; Bath centers, hotels, schools, etc. Zozen Boilers are of high quality boiler manufacturers, for many years for more than 100 countries of the world’s customers to solve the problems of boiler. We have established friendly cooperative relations with many customers, and boiler projects are spread over many countries and regions. Welcome to consult and purchase.

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