2 Million Kcal YQW Series Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater

  • Case name: 2 Million Kcal YQW Series Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater for Chemical Industry
  • Project Company Profile: Influential Brand of Chemical Industry
  • Project type: Complete project (providing equipment and supporting)
  • Project supporting boiler: YQW-2400Q
  • Project boiler medium: HMO (Heat Medium Oil)


2 Million Kcal YQW Series Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater

2 Million Kcal YQW Series Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater


As we all know, during the production processes of various chemical products, the gas-fired thermal oil heater provides stable high temperature for the distillation process. Founded in 2008, Jiangxi Huachen Spice Chemical Co., Ltd. covers an area of 85,000 square meters. After years of development, the company has developed into a large-scale enterprise integrating the production and sales of natural spices, synthetic spices and daily chemical products. Now, the annual production capacity has reached 3000 tons of spices. Huachen Spice mainly uses turpentine oil, Chinese fir oil and cedar oil as raw materials. Green chemical reaction technology and computer simulation technology are applied in the production of various kinds of spices, which are widely favored by customers in the domestic and international market.

A safe and high-efficient thermal oil heater is very important to an enterprise, which directly affects the product quality and the economic benefits. In November 2017, the burst of the pipeline of the existing thermal oil heater triggered a fire at Jiangxi Huachen Spice Chemical Co., Ltd. The fire caused considerable losses to the enterprise. Immediately, the leadership of the enterprise decided to repurchase a set of high-quality thermal oil boiler. With good market reputation and strong company strength, ZOZEN got the trust of Huachen Spice. ZOZEN YQW series gas-fired thermal-oil heater has excellent safety performance. The functions of over-temperature alarm, low oil level alarm and over-pressure alarm can ensure the stable operation of the heater. In addition, because the inner coil of the radiant section of the heater absorbs much more heat than the middle and outer rings, ZOZEN designed a large flow rate inner coil to ensure the safe and reliable operation at high temperature.


2 Million Kcal YQW Series Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater

YQW Series Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater


ZOZEN thermal oil heater had outstanding safety performance. As an important piece of thermal energy equipment of our production lines, the heater had been in stable operation since its installation. We were very satisfied with the heater performance.

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