Capacity For 50tph Gas Fired Water Tube Steam Boiler

The SZS boiler adopts the design of the double-drum vertical D-type arrangement, and the stress condition of the boiler body under pressure is good. Important pressure components such as the drum are not directly radiated and washed by the high temperature flame, and the pressure components can expand and contract freely with small thermal stress, achieving a higher safety margin. The 50tph water tube boiler is divided into a body, an economizer and other accessories as a whole. The main body is composed of a furnace and a single-circuit convection heating surface. The economizer is transported in a package to achieve the overall delivery and ensure the quality of the boiler. Slight positive pressure combustion, small smoke and wind resistance. The boiler smoke and air system is only equipped with a blower, and the furnace is in a slightly positive pressure, which reduces the air leakage of the boiler and improves the efficiency of the boiler.


50tph water tube boiler

50tph water tube boiler


The gas-fired water-tube boiler body and the furnace are all surrounded by membrane-type water-cooling walls, so that the furnace wall can be reliably sealed and prevent flue gas leakage. At the same time, the light furnace wall is adopted, which is reliable in operation, small in heat dissipation loss, small in thermal inertia, and easy to start and stop quickly. These are the models of SZS gas steam water tube boilers and the overall composition of the boilers. For detailed quotations, you can consult online customer service or call +8618861589023.

The interior of the water-tube steam boiler are all curved water tubes, and the cross-section inside the tube is smaller than that outside the tube. The flow rate of the soda water is greatly increased, and the steam generated on the heating surface is immediately washed away, which increases the heat absorption of the pot water. At the same time, it also has extremely fast soda water flow rate and excellent water circulation system. High evaporation efficiency, strong adaptability to load changes, more suitable for environments with high working pressure, and high boiler heat absorption rate and thermal efficiency. The 50tph water tube boiler has low requirements for fuel equipment and combustion chamber, and can be freely designed according to needs, and the combustion is relatively complete.

The gas-fired water-tube boiler adopts more than 95% automatic welding equipment, and each boiler is subjected to flaw detection before leaving the factory to ensure a 100% pass rate. The complete set of equipment is composed of body, economizer, condenser, burner, control system, valve and instrument to ensure the best operation of the boiler. This series of boiler products adopts auxiliary machines and components such as burners and gas valve groups of world-renowned brands to ensure the best combustion state of fuel.


Gas-fired water-tube boiler

Gas-fired water-tube boiler


The gas-fired boiler uses the tube containing the water vapor as the heating surface, the drum is not directly heated, and the heat transfer and safety performance are significantly improved. The furnace of the 50tph water tube boiler is placed outside the cylinder, and the volume of the furnace can be large or small, which can meet the needs of combustion and large evaporation. This series of SZS series steam boilers are equipped with a large number of heat transfer pipes, which have large heat transfer area and high thermal efficiency, thereby saving a lot of fuel costs. As far as the heating area is concerned, there is not much water in the furnace, and the steam is generated quickly. In the event of a disaster, the degree of damage is small.

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