4 TPH Oil and Gas Dual-Use Steam Boiler For Chemical Industry

  • Application Industry: Chemical Industry
  • Project supporting boiler: WNS4-1.25-Q(Y)
  • Project boiler medium: Steam

ZOZEN 4 TPH Oil and Gas Dual-Use Steam Boiler

Case Introduction

Richesse Logistics(Fangchenggang) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in petrochemical product warehousing services, with its main business being the storage management of various petrochemical products. As a professional petrochemical product warehousing company, Richesse Logisticshas strict requirements for the performance and environmental standards of boiler equipment to ensure operational efficiency and compliance with environmental regulations.

To meet their efficient and environmentally friendly warehousing service needs, Richesse Logistics(Fangchenggang) Co., Ltd. presented specific requirements to ZOZEN. Leveraging its rich experience and technical advantages in the boiler manufacturing field, ZOZEN provided Richesse Logisticswith a 4-ton WNS series dual-fuel (oil and gas) steam boiler.

The WNS series dual-fuel steam boiler provided by ZOZEN to Richesse Logistics combines advanced design and manufacturing processes, offering the following significant advantages:

Environmental friendliness and energy efficiency: Equipped with a low-nitrogen burner, the combustion is thorough, resulting in extremely low emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other harmful gases. It meets strict national environmental standards, ensuring minimal impact on the environment during the petrochemical product warehousing process.

Dual-fuel capability: The boiler can use both natural gas and light oil as fuel simultaneously, providing high flexibility and the ability to switch fuels based on supply conditions. This enhances operational reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Safety and reliability: The boiler is equipped with a comprehensive automated control system that monitors the boiler’s operating status in real-time, ensuring safe and stable operation of the equipment.

By utilizing the WNS series dual-fuel steam boiler provided by ZOZEN, Richesse Logistics(Fangchenggang) Co., Ltd. has achieved efficient operation and environmental goals in their petrochemical product warehousing services. The high-performance and environmentally friendly features of the boiler not only meet Huitong Logistics’ high requirements for equipment performance but also demonstrate ZOZEN’s leading technological strength and excellent customer service in the industry.

Customer Feedback

ZOZEN Boiler not only demonstrates excellent product quality but also provides outstanding after-sales service with timely and effective technical support. This collaboration has greatly elevated the level of our company’s petrochemical product warehousing services. We sincerely appreciate the professionalism and reliability of ZOZEN Boiler, and we look forward to more opportunities for future cooperation.

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