Gas Steam Boilers For Chemical Plants

The gas fired boiler adopts automatic controller and man-machine interface. The user only needs to set easily. The boiler can start and stop according to the user’s requirements, adjust the load, automatically feed water and other automatic operation. The gas steam boilers has complete functions, simple operation, safety and reliability, and self-diagnosis function. Once the abnormal phenomenon occurs in the boiler operation, the boiler will automatically interrupt the combustion and emit sound and light alarm.


Gas steam boilers

Gas steam boilers


This series of industrial gas boiler burners are of high quality. They automatically burn and stop according to the command of the controller. The independent program controller has multiple safety protection, safe and stable performance and low maintenance rate. The gas fired boiler in chemical plant is a boiler shell type full wet backflow three-return firework tube structure, the flame is burned in the large combustion chamber under micro positive pressure, fully extended, low burning heat load, high burning heat efficiency, effectively reducing smoke exhaust temperature, saving energy and reducing consumption, the use of economic.

Gas steam boilers adopts the structure of corrugated furnace tube and threaded pipe, which not only improves the heat absorption intensity of the boiler, but also meets the needs of heat expansion of the heat exchange surface. Scientific and reasonable, durable, production and manufacturing in strict accordance with the requirements, design, manufacturing, monitoring inspection, to ensure that the boiler quality, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, pressure stability, gas supply sufficient, economic use. The steam boiler has large space, large storage capacity and strong capacity to adapt to load. The design of a reasonable built-in steam separator device, to meet the users need higher quality steam requirements.

Complete industrial steam boiler safety protection, equipped with multistage interlock protection: pressure switch protection (higher than the set pressure automatic stop and alarm), low water level protection (boiler water level of the body below the warning level, automatically cut off power and alarm), safety valve protection (boiler pressure _ work pressure, automatic discouraged step-down), ensure the boiler under various working conditions is quite safe, arrived back home safe and sound.

Gas boilers for chemical plants to be checked before ignition: check operation and/or shift records. Patrol and inspect boiler inside and outside. Check the main safety accessories. Safety valve, water level gauge, pressure gauge, to be strict, reliable, sensitive. Check the water treatment equipment. Inspect water supply equipment and piping of soda water system. Each valve shall be adjusted according to the starting requirements. Check the air supply equipment. After the above inspection work is qualified, the boiler can be started.


Industrial gas fired steam boilers

Industrial gas fired steam boilers


The gas steam boilers adopts organic combination of mechatronics appearance, which is ingenious and novel, compact in structure, occupies less space, convenient for transportation and installation. New heat insulation material and color steel plate packaging, light weight, good heat preservation performance, beautiful and generous, not easy to rust. Zozen Boilers specializing in the production of boiler with high quality products, dedicated to provide users with high-quality boiler solution, welcome everyone to come to advisory procurement.

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