Supplier of Industrial WNS Steam Boiler

WNS series steam boiler body is boiler – shell type full wet back – flow three – return pyrotechnic tube structure. Industrial WNS steam boiler flame in large combustion chamber micro – positive pressure combustion, combustion full. The series of steam boiler furnace heat load is low, less harmful substances emissions.


Industrial WNS steam boiler

Industrial WNS steam boiler


WNS series industrial boilers adopt corrugated furnace and threaded smoke tube structure, which not only improve the strength, but also enhance the heat transfer effect. At the same time, it also meets the needs of each part in thermal expansion. This series OF WNS boilers have large water volume and steam space and large load adjustment range. The reasonable design of boiler internal device ensures the high quality of steam.

Industrial WNS steam boiler with new heat insulation material, light weight, less heat loss, good heat preservation performance. Boiler water level alarm adopts stainless steel as electrode rod, inserted from above, not easy to hang dirt, reliable performance, long service life. The front and rear smoke box are connected by hinge, which can be opened easily, and the boiler maintenance is convenient and quick.

This series of steam boiler oxygen content control system can successfully monitor the oxygen content in the delay and transmit the data to the control system in real time. Through computer intelligent analysis, automatically adjust the ratio of combustion equipment. Make it work at its best all the time. Combustion efficiency has been greatly improved, which can greatly reduce fuel consumption.

If the industrial steam boiler is out of service for a long time, it must be maintained to prevent corrosion. Before being put into operation again, a detailed inspection should be carried out, and special attention should be paid to the inspection of auxiliary engines. To prevent the motor from burning down and other accidents. Valves, gauges, combustion equipment, water supply, fuel system, etc. Must be checked and maintained regularly in the boiler in use. Ensure all equipment and accessories are in good condition.


WNS series industrial boilers manufacturer

WNS series industrial boilers manufacturer


Industrial WNS steam boiler has high and low water level alarm and very low water level, ultra-high steam pressure, flame out and other automatic protection functions. Suitable for food processing, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical production of steam, medical institutions to provide disinfection steam, other enterprises, hotels to provide heating steam, can also provide domestic hot water through the water tank heating. Zozen Boilers are a professional manufacturer of industrial boiler, and friendly cooperative relations with a number of consumers welcome advisory procurement, we will wholeheartedly for your disambiguation answer.

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