SZS Condensing Gas Boiler For Cable Industry

  • Case name: SZS Condensing Gas Boiler For Cable Industry
  • Project Company Profile: Influential Brand of Machinery Industry
  • Project type: Complete project (providing equipment and supporting
  • Project supporting boiler: SZS10-2.5-Q, SZS6-2.5-Q
  • Project boiler medium: steam
  • Project quota output: 10 tons, 6 tons


SZS Condensing Gas Boiler For Cable Industry

20Tons SZL steam boiler


The SZS series condensing gas boiler of Zozen Boilers adopts double-drum “D” layout, compact structure and small floor space. The furnace adopts a membrane water wall structure, and the seals between the membrane walls on both sides of the furnace and the furnace tube all adopt comb-shaped plates to prevent leakage of condensed water and gas. The SZS condensing gas boilers has a large heating surface and is designed with a large enough steam and water space to ensure the stability of the boiler parameters.

This cable group is a professional manufacturer of wires and cables, focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and services of wire and cable products. This time, for production needs, the boiler room expansion project is carried out. According to the boiler room area of ​​Cable factory and the demand for steam in the production process, the technical team of Zozen Boilers is equipped with 2 sets of SZS condensing gas fired boilers, 1 set of 10 tons and 1 set of 6 tons, which generate steam It meets the production requirements of Cable factory.


SZS Condensing Gas Boiler For Cable Industry

Coal-fired steam boiler


SZS condensing gas boilers has sufficient gas output, which improves the efficiency of cable production. This series of boiler products has no smoke problem and no pollution to the operating environment. Under the professional and careful guidance of ZOZEN’S staff, our employees are more convenient and safer for boiler operation.

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