Gas Fired Steam Boilers For Sale

Gas fired steam boilers refers to the steam boiler heated by burning gas. This series of steam boilers are divided into vertical steam boilers and horizontal steam boilers. Today we mainly know about horizontal gas steam boiler.

Gas Fired Steam Boilers For Sale

Gas Fired Steam Boilers

The horizontal gas steam boiler is a boiler shell type full wet back flow three-return firework tube structure. The flame burns in the large combustion chamber under micro positive pressure and is fully extended. Low combustion heat load, high combustion heat efficiency, effectively reduce smoke exhaust temperature, energy saving and consumption reduction, use more economical. The corrugated furnace tube and threaded pipe structure are adopted to improve the heat absorption intensity of the boiler and meet the needs of heat expansion of the heat exchange surface, which are scientific, reasonable and durable.

According to fuel, this series of gas boilers can be divided into natural gas steam boiler, city gas steam boilers, coke oven gas steam boilers, liquefied petroleum gas steam boilers and so on. Zozen Boilers gas boiler burner can be according to the controller command automatic combustion, stop, independent program controller has a number of security protection, safe and stable performance, low maintenance rate.

The steam boilers adopts advanced automatic controller and man-machine interface. Users only need to set it easily. The boiler can start and stop, adjust the load and feed the water automatically according to the requirements of users. The gas fired steam boilers has complete functions, complete protection, simple operation, safe and reliable, with self-diagnosis function. Once the abnormal phenomenon occurs in the boiler operation, the combustion will be interrupted automatically and the acousto-optic alarm will be issued.

The horizontal gas steam boiler is a boiler shell type full wet backflow three return firework pipe structure, economical to use. Corrugated furnace tube and threaded pipe structure can improve the heat absorption intensity of the boiler and meet the needs of heat expansion of the heat exchange surface. Large furnace space, storage of steam, strong capacity to adapt to load. The design of a reasonable built-in steam separator device, to meet the users need higher quality steam requirements. The furnace body has manhole, head hole and hand hole, which is convenient to clean the inside of the furnace and make maintenance and maintenance very convenient.

Gas fired boiler for sale

Gas fired boiler for sale

Gas fired steam boilers is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile factories, clothing factories, clothing supermarkets, garment factories, dry cleaners, restaurants, hotels, mo shops, hotels, dining halls, restaurants, food factories, beverage factories, soybean products factories and other places. Zozen Boilers is high quality industrial boilers manufacturer and supplier, our factory supply high quality boiler, reasonable price, high quality, safe and stable use, worthy of customer trust.

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