WNS Series Boiler Structure Introduction

WNS series boiler introduction the structure principle, conforms to the market demand, the production manufacture conforms to the environmental protection standard, obtains the user’s trust. WNS series boiler adopts quick installation structure, compact and reasonable layout, light weight, less occupation of space, simple and quick installation and convenient maintenance. The combustion chamber of this series boiler is reasonably arranged, which can enlarge the safe water level range of steam boiler and reduce the harm of water shortage accident to the maximum extent.


WNS series boiler introduction

WNS series boiler introduction


The front and rear tube-plates of this series oil-fired boiler are all flat tube-plates with flanged sides. Tube-plates, tube-bodies, furnaces and back-combustion Chambers are butt-welded with flanged sides with little thermal stress. The smoke pipes of the second and third flow of the boiler are arranged in order with the furnace tube as the center and symmetrically, which can effectively improve the stress condition of the front and rear tube plates. WNS series steam boilers adopt bevel-edge butt welding and full wet back structure, which are beneficial to improving boiler operating environment, increasing boiler efficiency and extending boiler service life.

WNS series boiler introduction mainly for the performance advantage, provides the high quality answer for the user, welcome everybody to come to consult. The oil-fired steam boiler adopts carefully designed smoke box, and the double sealing structure effectively ensures the sealing of smoke. Adopt the double door structure, can be convenient maintenance, supporting the use of high quality burner, power is strong, to ensure that the boiler output is sufficient, suitable for all kinds of oil fuel.

This series of industrial boilers are equipped with a complete set of equipment, including boiler main body, burner, intelligent control device, valve instrument, etc., and also equipped with high-performance water feed pump. After careful design of the combustion chamber, the diameter of the furnace, length and burner torch size consistent, can make the combustion more full, strong output power, ensure sufficient boiler output, welcome to consult and purchase.

This series of boiler adopts advanced boiler control system, Zozen Boilers used mechanical and electronic integration control device, the combustion process control of boiler combustion, the control system of main components are all made of imported high quality goods. According to the needs of users, there is not only a simple push-button man-machine interface, but also a joint control man-machine interface which combines programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch screen. So that the degree of automation and reliability of operation greatly improved, so that the boiler operation more simple, intuitive.


WNS series steam boilers

WNS series steam boilers


WNS series boiler introduction with high degree of automation, automatic control and detection system. It has double control function of touch screen operation and pure manual button operation. It has the functions of automatic flame proportion or two-stage fire adjustment, automatic furnace purge or flame, automatic detection of wind pressure and oil return pressure and safety protection. Zozen Boilers is specialized in producing all kinds of boiler with high quality products, welcome to come to consult at any time.

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