Diesel Steam Boiler With 10 Tons

Oil-fired boilers refer to boilers that use oil for fuel, including boilers with diesel, light oil and other oil. The overall layout of the oil-fired boiler is similar to that of the coal-fired boiler, except that the bottom of the oil-fired boiler furnace is mostly made of an insulating furnace bottom inclined 10° to 30° to the rear wall to obtain good combustion characteristics. The 10 tons diesel boiler is fully assembled when it leaves the factory to ensure that the boiler can be quickly installed on the user’s site.

10 ton diesel steam boiler brand manufacturer I choose Zozen Boilers. What is the daily fuel consumption of Zozen Boilers 10 ton diesel steam boiler? The general efficiency of steam boilers can reach 95%, and the fuel consumption of 10-ton diesel steam boilers = 3600s*7MW/42.42Mj/kg/90%=6600kg.


10 tons diesel boiler

10 tons diesel boiler


The 10 tons diesel boiler can be divided into three parts, body, combustion equipment and other auxiliary equipment. The body is the carrier of hot water, and the water capacity of the 10-ton steam boiler during the hydrostatic test is 17.7 tons. The water capacity during operation is 14.4 tons, and the boiler has 10 tons of water converted into steam per hour. The combustion equipment of the oil-fired boiler refers to the burner. The burners with better reputation and better operation effect are the Italian Black & Decker, Finland’s Olin and Germany’s Weishaup burner. Black & Decker has the highest cost performance. Other auxiliary equipment includes economizers, feed pumps, electrical control cabinets, oil pumps and chimneys, etc.

The diesel steam boiler adopts the wet-back structure of the offset furnace, and the high-temperature flue gas washes the second and third return flue pipes in turn, and then is discharged into the atmosphere from the rear flue chamber through the chimney. The boiler product has sufficient heat. The heating area of ​​the boiler is designed and configured according to high standards. Fully absorb useful heat, small heat loss, low exhaust temperature, ensure sufficient output and high power. The boiler is equipped with movable front and rear smoke box covers, which makes the boiler maintenance convenient.

This series of boilers are equipped with industrial burners with outstanding technical performance. Advanced technologies such as automatic combustion adjustment, automatic adjustment of water supply, program start and stop, and fully automatic operation are selected. And has bump water level alarm and automatic maintenance functions such as extremely low water level, ultra-high steam pressure, and flameout.


10 ton diesel steam boiler

10 ton diesel steam boiler


The clear distance between the steam-water interface and the steam outlet of the 10 tons diesel boiler is high enough, and the steam humidity is small. The diameter of the boiler shell is large, the water capacity is large, and the ability to adapt to load changes is strong. The boiler incineration chamber is composed of a large-diameter full-corrugated furnace, with large incineration space, thorough fuel incineration, effective absorption of thermal expansion, and large radiation heating surface.

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