Diesel Steam Boiler For Sale

The fuel consumption of diesel steam boilers is one of the concerns of many customers of oil-fired boilers, because as a clean energy boiler, light diesel oil is the most widely used oil fuel of oil-fired steam boilers. Although the emerging methanol fuel is also very environmental protection, but based on the accumulation of diesel applications, so more customers are optimistic about diesel. In addition, the price of light diesel is indeed cheaper than that of methanol fuel, which will ultimately greatly reduce the operation cost of oil-fired boilers. The diesel boiler for sale with wet back structure, the upper part of the boiler is arranged with energy saving device.


Diesel boiler for sale

Diesel boiler for sale


Please remember the calculation formula of diesel steam boiler oil: fuel oil steam boiler oil consumption per hour =3600* thermal power/diesel calorific value/boiler efficiency. If you burn diesel fuel, it consumes about 132kg per hour. Can tell you that 1 ton of diesel steam boiler can produce 1 ton of steam per hour, then the fuel consumption of 1 ton of diesel boiler is about 70 liters. However, 2 tons of diesel steam boiler per hour how much fuel consumption calculation results are not simply obtained 140 liters, but according to the specific use of the boiler and design thermal efficiency to determine. Generally speaking, the higher the designed thermal efficiency, the smaller the boiler oil consumption.

Diesel boiler for sale is equipped with a perfect automatic control device and safety protection device. The boiler has the functions of high and low water level alarm, low water level interlocking protection, steam overpressure alarm and interlocking protection. This series of steam boiler automatic ignition, burner fire automatic regulation and flameout protection, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. This series of boiler products are suitable for hot spring bath, sauna steam room, printing and dyeing textile, factory buildings, offices, schools, pharmaceuticals, hotels and restaurants, food processing, chemical plants, socks factory heat setting, clothing processing, industrial steam washing, heating and drying farms, etc.

The overall structure of diesel steam boiler is reasonable, compact, safe and reliable, easy to operate, quick installation, less pollution, low noise. The thermal insulation layer of the boiler is made of new light heat insulation materials. The outer packing is made of colored sheet and the shape of the package is cuboid, which makes the performance, weight, structure size and appearance of the boiler more beautiful than the products with the same capacity. The boiler feed water equipment is arranged on the boiler base on the right side of the boiler, so that it is integrated with the main engine. The water circulation is simple, the structure of the pressure parts is reasonable, and the water quality can be ensured, and the operation can be safe.


Diesel steam boilers

Diesel steam boilers


This series of steam boiler auxiliary equipment is complete, comprehensive technical performance is advanced, the burner is equipped with Italy imported gas burner. Diesel boiler for sale heating surface layout is sufficient, the boiler start fast, short load time. The diesel fired boiler adopts well-known burner, which realizes the combustion of the boiler, saves fuel, reduces pollution, noise and exhaust gas emission. The boiler adopts advanced mechanical and electrical integration automatic control technology. Remote human-computer interaction and data sharing can be realized through mobile Internet.

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