Steam Oil Fired Boilers For Sale

Zozen Boilers thermal efficiency can reach more than 95% fuel steam boiler design, fuel applicability is wide and applicable light oil, heavy oil, etc. Steam oil fired boilers is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, light industry, building materials, breeding, hotels, clothing and so on. WNS series steam boiler is a new type boiler product, and its technical indexes have reached the world’s advanced level. This kind of boiler has achieved clean combustion, discharge, convenient operation and sufficient output.


Steam oil fired boilers

Steam oil fired boilers


The oil-fired boiler adopts the structure of three-return journey and adopts the structure of offset furnace with wet back. The high-temperature flue gas scour the smoke pipe of the third return journey successively, and then the flue gas chamber is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. The overall arrangement is compact in structure and beautiful in appearance. This series of steam boiler has reasonable heating surface structure to control flue gas resistance. The overall design of the boiler is reasonable, which can properly control the exhaust temperature, that is, to ensure boiler efficiency, and prevent flue gas condensation, and prolong the service life of the boiler.

The steam oil fired boilers is fitted with movable front and rear smoke box covers to facilitate boiler maintenance. Equipped with explosion-proof door, automatic rebound after pressure relief to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. The application of heat transfer elements, such as corrugated furnace tube and threaded pipe, can not only enhance heat transfer effect, but also absorb heat expansion and cold contraction of furnace body.

This series of industrial steam boilers are mainly used for breeding, greenhouse planting, seed factory, livestock slaughterhouse; Fertilizer plants, oil refineries, feed plants, coating plants, plastic plants, glass plants, glass plants, sulfuric acid plants; Paper factory, textile factory, milk factory, winery, food factory, shoe factory, pottery factory, furniture factory, tire factory, cigarette factory, mat factory, chopsticks factory, printing factory, adhesive tape factory, hardware factory, floor factory, cabinet factory, wooden door factory; Bath, hotel, school, etc.

This series of oil fired boiler burners adopt high quality burners with high degree of automation, which can realize automatic control from prepurge, ignition, automatic conversion of fire power to automatic stop of furnace and protection of flameout. In order to monitor and control water level and pressure effectively, the boiler is equipped with water level gauge and water level control alarm. High and low water level alarm and low water level interlocking protection function. Also equipped with a pressure gauge, pressure controller and gas, water flow meter, can fully meet the requirements of monitoring and control.


Industrial oil fired steam boiler sales

Industrial oil fired steam boiler sales


Steam oil fired boilers adopts a variety of operation safety protection, so that the boiler operation is safer, simpler, temperature control precision is high, combustion effect is good. Automatic control function is adopted to save human resources and prolong the service life of the equipment. Zozen Boilers for many years specializing in the production of boiler, rich production experience, reliable quality, stable operation safety, fast delivery, welcome to come to consult.

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