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Gas-fired steam boilers are widely used in various industrial industries, such as textile, chemical, paper, machinery, food, agricultural products processing industry, etc. WNS series gas fired boiler is a kind of automatic, horizontal internal combustion, low nitrogen condensation in one of the fast-loading oil (gas) boiler. The gas steam boilers supplier is experienced in production. The boiler body adopts wet back structure. The waveform furnace and the return chamber are the return journey, and the threaded pipe constitutes the second return journey. The economizer and condenser are placed on the top of the boiler and constitute the third return trip of the flue gas outside the boiler.


Gas steam boilers supplier

Gas steam boilers supplier


The gas fired steam boiler uses high efficiency and energy saving device, the condenser heat exchange area is large, the steam condensing rate in the flue gas is high, can fully absorb the heat released by the steam condensing in the flue gas, the thermal efficiency can be up to more than 99%. The convective heating surface of the threaded smoke pipe can effectively improve the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler. Energy saving device, condenser and boiler are arranged as one, quick installation, easy installation, compact structure, beautiful and generous. Less floor space, less investment in infrastructure.

This series of gas boiler has a good environmental protection effect. Part of CO2, NOX, SO2 and other harmful components in the flue gas are dissolved in condensed water, effectively reducing the discharge of atmospheric pollutants. The gas steam boilers supplier has strong technical force and adopts large size furnace structure and flue gas recirculation technology. For gas-fired boilers, ultra-low nitrogen emissions and low NOX emissions can be achieved, fully in line with the increasingly stringent environmental requirements.

This series of industrial gas boiler uses energy saving device, spiral finned tube of condenser and ND steel material resistant to sulfuric acid corrosion, which greatly improves the service life of the equipment. The combination of intelligent combustion control and automatic safety interlocking protection system ensures economic, environmental and safe operation. In the flue gas heat loss of steam boiler, in addition to the sensible heat of flue gas, steam also takes away a lot of latent heat of vaporization. If the steam in the flue gas is fully or partially condensed by lowering the exhaust temperature, and the latent heat released during the condensation process is recovered and utilized, the effective utilization heat of the boiler is increased, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler will be significantly improved.

WNS series gas boiler for water vapor in flue gas condensation rate and exhaust temperature, condensation rate and the relationship between the thermal efficiency and the relationship between condensation water of different grade of steel corrosion rate factors, the key techniques such as the heating surface by reasonable design, reduce exhaust temperature, ensure that water vapor in flue gas to meet the design requirements of the cooling rate, make the boiler thermal efficiency is greatly increased.


Gas fired boiler manufacturer

Gas fired boiler manufacturer


Zozen Boilers gas steam boilers supplier is a professional, rich production experience, strong technical force, complete testing means. We are committed to the production of quality boiler products, to provide users with a full set of boiler solutions, welcome you to come to consult procurement, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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