Factors Affecting Biomass Boiler Prices

Biomass boiler prices are influenced by several key factors that determine the overall cost of these industrial boilers. Understanding these factors is crucial for customers looking to invest in biomass boilers. In this article, we will analyze the specific factors that impact biomass boiler prices, introduce ZOZEN’s biomass boiler prices based on customer requirements, and highlight some of the popular biomass boilers offered by ZOZEN.

Part 1: Analysis of Factors Affecting Biomass Boiler Prices

When determining biomass boiler prices, various elements come into play. These factors include:

Boiler Fuel: The type of biomass fuel used significantly affects the price of the boiler. Different biomass fuels have varying availability and costs, which can influence the overall pricing.

Capacity: The capacity of the boiler, measured in terms of thermal capacity or steam output, is a crucial factor in determining the price. Higher-capacity boilers generally have a higher price due to their larger size and enhanced performance.

Pressure: The working pressure of the biomass boiler affects its design, construction, and materials, which can impact the overall cost. Higher pressure boilers usually require stronger and more expensive materials, leading to higher prices.

Auxiliary Equipment and Accessories: The choice of auxiliary equipment and accessories, such as feedwater pumps, control systems, and emission control devices, can add to the overall cost of the biomass boiler. These additions are often necessary to ensure efficient and compliant boiler operation.

Part 2: ZOZEN’s Biomass Boiler Prices Based on Customer Needs

ZOZEN, a leading industrial boiler manufacturer, offers biomass boilers with prices tailored to customer requirements. ZOZEN has a dedicated team of professionals who work closely with customers to develop customized solutions and determine the final biomass boiler prices.

Customers have the flexibility to select their preferred boiler fuel, capacity, pressure, and auxiliary equipment, all of which influence the ultimate biomass boiler prices. This customer-centric approach ensures that ZOZEN provides tailored solutions that meet specific industrial needs while offering competitive pricing.

Part 3: Popular Biomass Boilers from ZOZEN

ZOZEN offers a range of biomass boilers that have gained popularity in the market. Here are some notable examples:

SZL Series Biomass Boilers: These boilers feature a chain grate water tube design with horizontal dual drums. The furnace incorporates densely arranged water-cooled walls, providing a large radiation heating surface. The SZL series offers a thermal capacity range of 6-35 t/h and a working pressure of 1-2.5 MPa.

DZL Series Biomass Boilers: DZL boilers are compact, horizontally positioned boilers with a three-pass water-fire tube chain grate design. Their structure allows for easy on-site installation, shorter construction periods, and reduced infrastructure investment. The DZL series offers a thermal capacity range of 2-10 t/h and a working pressure of 1-2.5 MPa.

ZOZEN Biomass Boiler Prices

ZOZEN DZL Series Biomass Boiler

DZL Tri-drum Series Biomass Boilers: Developed by ZOZEN with independent intellectual property rights, these water tube boilers feature ash blowing devices for convective heating surfaces, as well as ash blowing pipe holes at the top of the furnace. This design enables ash cleaning without the need to shut down the boiler. The DZL Tri-drum series offers a thermal capacity range of 15-40 t/h and a working pressure of 1.25-2.5 MPa.

YLW Series Biomass Boilers: YLW boilers are horizontal chain grate assembly thermal oil heaters. They provide high levels of automation and require minimal operational and maintenance personnel. The YLW series offers a thermal capacity range of 1400-29000 kW and a working pressure of 0.8-1.0 MPa.

Part 4: ZOZEN’s Competitive Advantage in Biomass Boiler Prices

ZOZEN emphasizes its competitiveness in biomass boiler prices by offering reasonable pricing strategies and delivering high value for customers. With a focus on cost-effectiveness, ZOZEN ensures that customers receive optimal solutions at competitive prices. By providing customized options and incorporating advanced technologies, ZOZEN’s biomass boilers deliver excellent performance and efficiency, making them a cost-effective choice for industrial applications.

Part 5: ZOZEN’s Strength and Brand Culture

ZOZEN is renowned for its strength and brand culture in the industrial boiler industry. With years of experience and expertise, ZOZEN has established a solid reputation for delivering reliable and innovative solutions. The company’s commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted name in the biomass boiler market.


Biomass boiler prices are influenced by various factors, including fuel type, capacity, pressure, and auxiliary equipment. ZOZEN offers customized solutions and competitive pricing based on customer requirements. With a range of popular biomass boilers, advanced technologies, and a strong brand culture, ZOZEN continues to be a leading provider of biomass boilers in the market. The company’s focus on delivering cost-effective solutions further enhances its competitiveness in biomass boiler prices.

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