SZL6-1.25-T Assembled Water Tube Boiler

The SZL6-1.25-T type assembled water tube boiler adopts a double-drum vertical arrangement, and the combustion equipment uses a chain grate. The rated evaporation is 6t/h. The rated steam pressure is 1.25MPa, and the rated steam temperature is 194℃. The design fuel of SZL6-1.25-T boiler is biomass briquette fuel, and there is an economizer at the tail. The flue gas enters the tail flue through the furnace, the combustion chamber, the convection tube bundle and the economizer, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the dust collector, the induced draft fan and the chimney.


SZL6-1.25-T boiler

SZL6-1.25-T boiler


When the water tube boiler leaves the factory, it can be divided into two parts: the upper and lower parts. The upper large piece includes the boiler body, the upper steel frame and the upper furnace wall. The lower part includes the hopper, chain grate, lower furnace wall and internal ventilation ducts. Except for the front and rear arch pipes and their connecting pipes, which are assembled on site, and some brick walls are built on site, the rest of the components are assembled and shipped from the factory. The tail economizer and flue air duct are shipped together with the furnace. The water cooling system of this series of boiler products includes front water wall, side water wall, convection tube bundle, upper and lower drums, downcomers and headers.

SZL6-1.25-T boiler has reasonable structure, high thermal efficiency and fuel saving. SZL water tube boiler adopts optimized furnace arch, which has strong radiation, stable combustion, good effect and fast heating. The water cooling wall is well-made and effectively protects the furnace wall. The main welds of this type of boiler are all automatically welded, and there is no repair record. The welding quality of the boiler can improve the service life of the boiler. The boiler tube sheet adopts advanced pressing technology, which can effectively avoid the problem of tube sheet cracking.

SZL water tube boiler adopts inertial separation of internal smoke and dust, supplemented by multi-tube dust collector or bag dust removal equipment. SZL series boilers use a fully automatic electronic control system with complete monitoring instruments. It can realize automatic water replenishment, overpressure and overtemperature alarm, advanced remote control function, online monitoring of consumption, fault alarm and other functions.

The air distribution structure of the assembled water tube boiler adopts the form of a double-sided air-inlet air-tight silo to achieve the uniformity of air distribution along the grate and to control the air distribution according to the combustion stage. With the damper and seven cleaning handles, the stoker can reasonably adjust the damper opening according to the needs of combustion.


Assembled water tube boiler

Assembled water tube boiler


In addition to the valve on the top of the SZL6-1.25-T boiler drum, the auxiliary steam valve is also installed. The handle for cleaning the ash must be pulled twice per shift during the operation of the boiler to make the ash fall on the surface of the return grate, and then the return grate will bring the leaked ash to the front and fall into the ash hopper. The assembled water-tube boiler is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, suitable for transportation and easy to install.

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