SZL Series Water Tube Boiler Manufacturer

SZL series water tube boilers is assembled with vertical layout of double pot barrel, and the combustion mode is chain grate. The boiler burns biomass molded solid fuel. The water tube boiler manufacturer has rich production experience, water-wall on both sides of the furnace adopts membrane water-wall structure. The water-cooled wall pipes of the front and rear walls of the furnace extend downward to the upper part of the furnace grate to form the front and rear arches, which not only increase the sealing performance of the boiler, but also increase the furnace volume and heating surface, and strengthen the strength of the rear arches.


Water tube boiler manufacturer

Water tube boiler manufacturer


This series of industrial boilers are combustion chamber, convection tube bundle behind the furnace, with economizer at the end. The flue gas passes through the furnace, burnout chamber, convection tube bundle and economizer into the tail flue, and is discharged into the atmosphere through dust collector, induced draft fan and chimney. The front wall is equipped with secondary air, controlled by the valve, which is put into use when burning biomass fuel, intensifying combustion, making fuel burn out fully and improving combustion efficiency. A higher feed inlet is used to meet the demand for biomass fuel.

SZL series water-cooling arch and film-type water-wall assembly boiler is a new type water-pipe assembly boiler developed by our company. It skillfully applies water-cooling technology and film-type water-wall technology of the combustion system of large-scale chain grate boiler to the assembly boiler. Water tube boiler manufacturer has strong technical force, and both sides of furnace and combustion chamber adopt membrane water-wall structure. The membrane water wall structure is designed by our company. The membrane water wall structure used for power station boiler is applied to assembly boiler. Its advantages include large heat transfer coefficient, good heat transfer effect, low heat loss, good air tightness, no deformation of furnace wall and no ash leakage.

The SZL series boilers in the front and rear water-wall tubes of the furnace extend downward to the upper part of the furnace grate to form a rear arch. The structure is added on the basis of the original mature bulk boiler, and the radiation heating surface of the furnace is added on the basis of other unchanged heating area, and the overload capacity is stronger. The front and rear arches are made of water wall pipes and poured with high aluminum cement, so as to avoid cracks and arch collapse of the original boiler three-line arch bricks caused by long-term high temperature barbecue.


SZL series water tube boiler

SZL series water tube boiler


The water tube boiler manufacturer produces the chain grate as large grate plates. There are several independent air chambers under the grate, and they are equipped with air according to the burning condition. The air inlet mode is bilateral and the air inlet is uniform. The front of the furnace is provided with a hopper and a gate for adjusting the thickness of the material layer entering the grate. The grate speed is controlled and adjusted by the reduction box. The burnt slag is discharged into the cinder bucket. Zozen Boilers products specializing in the production of high quality boiler, welcome everyone to come to consult procurement, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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