Coal Fired Hot Water Boilers For Sale

Coal fired hot water boilers are strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of conditions and standards. This series of boilers are completely free from explosion risk. Coal fired boiler supply is provided with an air outlet on the top of the supply, the working pressure is small, and the boiler is not under pressure. The danger of boiler explosion is completely avoided. Its furnace design uses the structure of water-cooled bent pipe, the furnace is all around, this kind of design makes the heated area increase, the thermal efficiency is very high, but also the festival can reduce consumption. Coal-fired hot water boiler has a long service life, its shape is elliptical head, and the grate is made of cast iron circular grate, which is durable.


Coal fired boilers supply

Coal fired boilers supply


The furnace body of this series of coal fired boilers is compact, occupies a small area, and is also very convenient to transport. Boiler quick installation factory, less capital investment, short installation cycle and many other advantages. The hot water boiler can effectively save the operation cost, adopt the offset furnace design, the fuel combustion is full and thorough. It has low exhaust temperature and high thermal efficiency. Coal-fired hot water boiler fuel using whirlwind combustion, fuel combustion in the furnace, flue gas into the independent cyclone combustion chamber for secondary combustion, fuel combustion fully and thoroughly, can effectively improve the thermal efficiency.

Coal fired boiler supply can automatically control the fuel throughput according to the amount of heat used. Isolate flame and fuel to prevent backfire. The boiler is equipped with primary fan and secondary fan, reasonable arrangement of air distribution proportion, full combustion, avoid coking, effectively prolong the service life of the boiler. The hot water boiler simplifies the water circulation circuit, reduces the water circulation flow resistance, and improves the flow velocity in the rising pipe; For the hot water boiler in the water circulation flow resistance is larger left and right water wall installed backwater ejector device. It improves the reliability of water circulation and ensures the safe and stable operation of boiler.

Coal fired hot water boiler needs to arrange enough heating surface, so that the heat released by fuel combustion can be fully absorbed by the heating surface and passed to the working medium, and the exhaust temperature is low. The boiler has high thermal efficiency, and the heating surface of the boiler does not accumulate ash and wear. Under the condition of no smoke blowing, it can maintain high efficiency, full load and safe operation for a long time. Large volume of water, conducive to power failure protection, strong ability to adapt to load changes. Flue gas emission is superior to the standard, in line with environmental protection requirements.


Coal fired hot water boiler

Coal fired hot water boiler


Coal fired boiler supply using digital integrated controller, automatic ignition Mazda dust cleaning, automatic feeding and other functions. Zozen Boilers specialize in producing hot water boiler, adopt self-cleaning screw pipe to reduce cleaning work and effectively improve thermal efficiency. Boiler insulation using high quality insulation materials, good insulation performance, light weight, can effectively improve the thermal efficiency, convenient transportation and installation. Adopt high quality grate, increase the safety ring, make the boiler stable and reliable, improve the combustion rate.

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