Looking for 2tonne Industrial Oil Fired Boiler

The main engine of oil-fired boiler belongs to the integral structure, the burner is assembled on the front smoke box cover, and the body is mainly arranged with the heating surface and the combustion chamber part. 2tonne oil fired boiler has the characteristics of reasonable structure, compact and low steel consumption. The boiler furnace is made of offset corrugated furnace, the insulation layer is made of new lightweight heat insulation material, the outer packaging is made of mirror stainless steel sheet, and the outer packaging is rectangular, which makes the boiler performance, weight, structure size and appearance have obvious design sense.


2tonne oil fired boiler

2tonne oil fired boiler


This series of boilers can be mainly used for farming and animal husbandry breeding, greenhouse planting, seed factory, livestock slaughterhouse; Toy factory of chemical industry, refinery, feed factory, coating factory, plastics factory, glass factory, glass manufacturing, paper mills, textile mills, milk factory, brewery, food factory, shoe factory, ceramics factory, furniture factory, setting, cigarette factories, mat factory, chopsticks, printing, adhesive tape factory, hardware factory, floor factory, cabinet factory, wood factory. Baths, hotels, schools, etc. Its function: heating, heat preservation, drying, heating, smelting, supply production, disinfection and sterilization, vulcanization, hot water supply, etc.

Industrial oil-fired boiler can not be short of water in the process of use. This boiler products is equipped with a water refill tank. Observe the glass tube level of the water refill tank, and fill water in time if the water level is too low. 2tonne oil fired boiler made of high quality steel plate, long time combustion will not leak. The production process of the boiler body adopts full butt welding to increase the safety factor of the boiler and prolong the service life of the boiler. The low-position combustion chamber makes the safety range of water level larger. The boiler is manufactured by the whole machine, and the first instrument valve with reliable performance is selected. The burner uses high quality performance to ensure every link of the boiler.

WNS series oil fired boilers adopts Chinese LCD (or touch screen) intelligent control system. All the controlled equipment in the control system, continuous detection of boiler water level (high water level, extremely high water level, low water level, extremely low water level, and extremely low water level protection · protection), over temperature protection, over pressure, phase line detection of power supply voltage, leakage, three imbalance, circulating pump inspection. Measurement, (ion probe flameout protection (or QRA2), wind pressure, gas leakage, such as burner fault protection) input 4-20mA signal continuous detection output power.


Industrial oil-fired boiler

Industrial oil-fired boiler


2tonne oil fired boiler adopts horizontal structure with sufficient heating area and heat transfer. This type of boiler runs stably under the condition of load variation and has high combustion efficiency. With touch screen controller, digital control system, boiler operation to achieve automatic control. This series boiler has large water capacity, large steam space, good steam quality and small fluctuation of water level during operation. The distance between the two pots is large, the diameter of the pipe is large, to ensure a good natural circulation. The unique furnace setting and flue gas scour the hot surface, so that the heat dissipation loss of the boiler is small.

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