2 TPH Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Wine-Making Industry

  • Application Industry: Wine-Making Industry
  • Project supporting boiler: NWNS2-1.0-Q
  • Project boiler medium: Steam
ZOZEN 2 TPH Gas Fired Steam Boiler

ZOZEN WNS Series 2 TPH Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Case Introduction

Zhejiang Yuantou Distillery Co., Ltd. is a well-known alcoholic beverage production company with an urgent need for efficient and reliable steam supply. In response to their requirements, ZOZEN developed a comprehensive solution and recommended the 2-ton WNS series condensing gas steam boiler.

The WNS series condensing gas steam boiler is a high-quality product from ZOZEN, featuring numerous outstanding advantages. Firstly, the boiler adopts a condensing design, allowing for the full utilization of gas heat energy, improving thermal efficiency, and reducing energy consumption. Secondly, the boiler is equipped with an advanced combustion system and intelligent control technology, enabling efficient and stable combustion to ensure the quality and stable supply of steam. Additionally, the boiler has a quick start feature, enabling it to reach the designed working state in a short time, providing timely and reliable steam supply.

After careful comparison and evaluation, Zhejiang Yuantou Distillery chose the 2 ton WNS series condensing gas steam boiler from ZOZEN. The client expressed recognition for the solution and product performance provided by ZOZEN, and they deeply appreciated the comprehensive service and professional support offered.

Through the collaboration with ZOZEN, Zhejiang Yuantou Distillery achieved efficient and reliable steam supply, enhancing production efficiency and product quality.

Customer Feedback

The performance of this boiler is excellent, and the condensing design improves thermal efficiency while saving energy consumption. Our steam supply is stable and reliable, which has enhanced our production efficiency. Additionally, the team at ZOZEN Boiler provided us with a comprehensive solution, offering professional and attentive support from equipment selection to after-sales service.

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